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Audiology Sector now added to News Sector

PHN’s Opchat News is delighted to add all stories and news relating to the Audiology and Hearing Sector.

We will be accepting all PR from Companies and businesses providing individual services or sector wide manufacturing and academic assistance to the public.

We want to make sure that our 8000+ readership of optical practices is provided with information to assist in building a  bridge between optics and audiology.

Optical Practice patients because of their demographics often have the same needs in help with hearing in the same way as vision improvement.

We do hope that we can attract Hearing Aid Consultants and their staff to reguarly read Opchat News at as well as sign up for a regular 14 days free news update just go to our home page and sign up for free at the bottom of the page.

Send your stories in a word doc format along with images and logos.

And companies involved in supplying services and goods for the sector should consider advertising their information on the Suppliers Directory here


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