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Your OSA member entry on Opchat News Supplier’s Directory is awaiting your input.

Take a look at the ways you can connect to over 7500 Optical Practices and owners each week 24/7 with frequent campaign changes.

All OSA members receive significant discounts when marketing on Opchat News as the OSA have partnered with us to offer you as OSA members extra benefits and to highlight to the Optical Community your OSA membership in the Opchat Supplier’s Directory.

Amongst the many benefits the OSA provides to its members they now include significant discounts for inclusion into the brand-new Opchat Suppliers Directory to all members as well as savings on different levels of sponsorship.

To make sure OSA members are well represented and seen by our 7500+ readership of opticians within the directory, we will show on every entry for each company that they are OSA members.

We hope this will encourage a growth in OSA membership and therefore we have reduced the cost of a directory entry by half for OSA members.

In simple terms there are 4 levels of commitment for OSA members to choose from:

Supplier Directory Entry

You can choose to be listed in as many categories that you provide product and services to your customers.

You must choose one of the chosen entries as an enhanced entry as your main product or service , but you can add additional titles and choose all or a mixture to be enhanced or basic.

  • Enhanced Bold Type entry of company information, company name, address, tel, fax, email address, plus OSA membership, your main category is emboldened, and you can choose others to also be enhanced. an enhanced  entry is displayed above basic entries in the chosen categories.

OSA Cost (1/2 normal price) Main entry and additional enhanced categories are  £12.00 +vat per annum.

You can add your entries online and pay by card or PayPal and once checked by us it will be published. An automatic email invoice will be sent at the annual renewal anniversary but you can add online extra entries during the year.

For OSA members only we can create your entries for you on receipt of a proforma payment if requested.

There are no refunds for deleted entries requested during the year but Opchat News will delete on your request any entries no longer required.

  • Basic Entry of company information, company name, address, tel, fax, email address, plus OSA membership. You choose additional categories you cover with your products and services.

OSA Cost (1/2 normal price) Basic Entry per category £6 +vat per annum.

NB If you are already an Opchat  banner Sponsor or one of our Headline Sponsors, we will have already posted your information in the directory as entries are included free in your marketing package and all are enhanced! .

Here is a list of product and service titles:

Accountancy and VAT Information,  Artificial Eyes and Prosthetics,   Business Development,   Business Management,  Buying Groups,  Car Financing,  Cases and Accessories,   Children’s Spectacles, Clinical and Dispensing, Equipment Suppliers, Colour Overlays,  Compliance advice, Computer Hardware & Links, Computer Software,   Contact Lens Cases,, Contact Lens Materials,  Contact Lens Solutions, Contact Lenses, Courier & Delivery Services, Dispensing Equipment, Drugs, Dry Eye Products and Treatment,   Dyslexia,  e-commerce, e-GOS Suppliers for NHS/PCSE,  eGOS Suppliers, EPOS, Equipment repair and maintenance, Exhibitions, Congresses and Trade Shows, Fashion Spectacles, Finance and Leasing, Glazing (all), Glazing CE & F, Glazing Specialist, Glazing Surfacing, Glazing Tints & Coats, HR Specialists, Independent Practice Support, Insurance, Interior Design,   Lens Cleaning Cloths, Lens Coatings, Lens Suppliers, Local Optical Committee support, Low Vision Aids, Management & Marketing Advice, Manufacturing Consumables, Membership Bodies, Ocular Nutrition & Tablets, Ophthalmic Equipment, Optical manufacturing Machinery, Optical Practice Software, Optical repairs, Optical Sundries, Optical Workshop and Practice Equipment, PR and Marketing, Practice Brokers and sellers, Practice Furniture, Practice management Systems, Product Finance, Public Affairs,   Publishers,   Punctal Plugs and other sundries, Ready Readers, Regulatory Bodies, Safety Eyewear, Shopfitting and Frame Display, Shopfitting and Frame Display Array, Signs and Facades,   Spectacle Frames, Sports Eyewear, Sunglasses & Clip-ons, Training and Education Providers, Training Consultants, Treatment Finance, Vision Charity Partner, Workshop Tools,


Time to add your Directory Entry here .Click Here to add your Directory Entry 

For OSA members only we will accept completed applications forms by email along with payment by banking online or cheques sent. Download application here manual population of suppliers guide

Improved marketing opportunities

Our new website has added still further opportunities to reach our readership made up predominately of independent opticians and LOC members.

  • You can now purchase banner positions for either one year or for 3-month special promotion periods. These provide rotating spots on our side and lower banner panel. They can be linked to landing pages on your site if required. (OSA discount 10%, see pricing table)
  • Become one of our appreciated Headline Sponsors with your own page on the site describing your company and its products and services changeable every month so it can act as powerfully as print advertising but for 24/7 on pcs, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Your page and your included banners will all be linked from your free enhanced directory entry to your chosen landing page on your website. Each, if required, can link to different pages. Additionally, your logo will be featured in our headline sponsors scrolling bar as well as on all our emailed correspondence every 14 days to those registered to receive the Opchat News Email Update. (5000 opticians). Your page will be linked from any news story you send us along with an acknowledgement of your headline sponsorship. (OSA Discount 10%, see pricing table)

New Banner and Headline sponsor advertisers will need to speak to us for guidance in publication and payment however if you want to add your entry to the Suppliers Directory now please go ahead and when you later upgrade, we will credit your original directory payment against your upgraded purchase.

Once your entry is added we will keep you informed of all the optical and industry news through our fortnightly Opchat News Email.

We will continue to feature your PR and News sent by the OSA in our news pages and will archive it separately in the dedicated OSA page on the new site, with links to the OSA website.

Contact us for your individual member’s Discount Coupon for the Suppliers Guide entry and if we can help in anyway at all.

Opchat News Suppliers Directory Team

suppliers@primaryhealthnet.com      020 8090 1467
Pricing Table for 4 levels of marketing showing OSA Discounts

Adding company information to the Supplier’s Directory OPCHAT OPCHAT
Suppliers STD OSA Banner Headline   Emboldened OSA Banner Headline
Directory Entry Member Advertiser Sponsor   Entry (i) Member Advertiser Sponsor
Annual Charge*
 Ex vat
Main Category £n/a £n/a FREE FREE £24 £12 FREE FREE
Additional Cats (each) £12 £6 FREE FREE £24 £12 FREE FREE
*+vat (i) Heavier Typeface and listed above alphabetical order in chosen category


Banner Advertising and Headline Sponsor Company information will be added by Opchat News for you
Invoice will be supplied by Opchat News and payment required on publication
Banner Advertisements 
3 insertions on page refresh in both side and lower banner positions
Banner Type Links to Permitted Minimum Std Cost OSA Headline
  websites changes Duration ex Vat Member Sponsor
Static Banner n Qtrly 12 Mths £1,200 -10% FREE
Rotating Banner n Qtrly 12 Mths £1,300 -10% FREE
Static Banner y Qtrly 12 Mths £1,500 -10% FREE
Rotating Banner y Qtrly 12 Mths £1,600 -10% FREE
Seasonal Advertising
Static Banner n n/a 3 Mths £400 -10% n/a
Rotating Banner n n/a 3 Mths £440 -10% n/a
Static Banner y n/a 3 Mths £500 -10% n/a
Rotating Banner y n/a 3 Mths £540 -10% n/a


Headline Sponsorship

Join our Headline Sponsors helping us provide independent news to the Optical Sector for free
Headline sponsor package includes
Your own Generic Page or pages linking to chosen website,
Scrolling company logo at top of home page, additional top panel headline sponsors banner
Banners in side and lower page panel.
Entry in main supplier’s directory with emboldened typeface in main category plus additional category entries
Logos in e-news, links in news items,
 Reduced cost of product/service e-blasts, free changes to pages and banners monthly
Headline Sponsor Links to Permitted Minimum Std Cost Qtrly pay OSA
  websites changes Duration ex Vat Terms Member
Annual (in advance)
Generic Page y Monthly 12 Mths £2,000 £600 -10%
Extra Pages (each) y Monthly 12 Mths £400 £150 -10%
Half Year
Generic Page y Qtrly 6 Mths £1,200 n/a -10%
Extra Pages (each) y Qtrly 6 Mths £200 n/a -10%


Time to get started
We hope you will consider elevating your marketing strength by upgrading to banner or Headline Sponsorship and if you do we will credit you with the directory entry costs you have incurred

.Click Here to add your Directory Entry

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