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WIDEX Wow at Customer Experience Events

WIDEX Wow at Customer Experience Events


Hearing aid manufacturer, Widex UK, has launched its impressive new customer experience space this month, with a series of immersive events.

Widex Retail Area

Renowned within the industry for producing the most natural sounding hearing aids on the market, Widex is now broadening its focus to ensure that the service and customer experience for every dispenser and wearer is as premium as the hearing aids it produces.

Widex UK have been welcoming guests to their newly refurbished, Chester-based offices, which have been designed specifically to provide independent audiological and optical businesses with inspiration for their own practices. (see right)

Emma Williams, Widex UK Brand manager said, “The aim has been to create a space which demonstrates how our customers can achieve the ultimate customer experience, a space where clients feel welcome and at ease to start their hearing care journey. Something which is notoriously hard within the industry.

On average, it takes ten years for a person with hearing loss to address the issue, so it is important that when a person finally feels ready to take the step to visit an audiologist, they feel comfortable and welcome, and not intimidated.”

The focus of the events has been to provide delegates with a new way of thinking about the customer journey and customer experience within their own practices, as well as an insight into Widex’ own operations.

Emma continued, “We recognise the importance of creating a premium customer experience for a premium brand such as ourselves. We are proud to have created a really impressive and unique space where we can showcase some best practice initiatives to ensure that both our own customers and their clients, receive a premium customer experience from start to finish.”

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