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The Optical Suppliers Association are proud sponsors of the Optical Suppliers Directory for all Companies providing services to the Vision Care sector and Eye Care Professionals.

OSA members can gain significant discounts from Opchat News marketing opportunities as well as other discounts provided by the OSA  

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About the Opchat Optical Suppliers Directory

Reaching out to eyecare professionals and promoting your products and services

On PHN’s Opchat News exciting newly commissioned website there are greatly expanded opportunities for optical suppliers’ products and services to be regularly seen by our 7500+ opticians in the UK + 13 Local Optical Committee members in England.

The Optical Suppliers Directory

The new Opchat Supplier’s Directory has a complete listing of all the product types searched for by Opticians. We think its comprehensive, but we can add more types on request.

Make sure your customers find you under every product heading you serve.

You can select as many categories as you need, one must be in enhanced style and then decide on either enhanced or basic for your other selections.

Enhanced/Basic Entry

Your company name, address, telephone, fax and email information under one product/service category is available for a one off charge of £24/yr in enhanced style. Add additional entries under unlimited categories for £24 enhanced/£12 basic each.

These costs exclude vat and provide one year’s presence.

Getting your information in the directory takes minutes by putting in your information, selecting the categories, main enhanced, and for others select enhanced or basic and pay online by card. Your entry will be added automatically after validation.

Your standard entry will be added alphabetically under each category by your company name. Your enhanced entry will be emboldened in type and float above standard entries within each chosen category.

Each year on your anniversary of entry you will be asked to renew your entries on receipt of an invoice but you can add online extra entries during the year.

There are no refunds for deleted entries during the year but Opchat News will delete on your request any entries no longer required.

Stepping Up the volume

Banners and Links

You can now purchase side banners that will be shuffle on the refreshing of pages and be visible on all pages on the site and all Local Optical Committee sites on our portal.

Choosing to be an Opchat Sponsor with banners allows you free access to Directory entries after purchase. Opchat News will create your entries for you on receiving your selection and they will all be enhanced..

A banner keeps your company’s name in front of UK Opticians, and you can select the type you want from the following:

Banners are 200-pixel square and can be static (jpegs or gifs)  or 3 x rotating gifs and they can be standalone or a “click away” from a chosen landing page on your site.

You can use them as annual placements changing them every 3 months to highlight seasonal promotions at no extra charge.

Or if your business is very seasonal you can just pay for a minimum 3-month publication block publication.

Opchat Banner Sponsors

Those selecting Banner Marketing are recognised as Opchat Sponsors and will receive additional benefits:

  • All your selected Category Suppliers Directory Entries will be FREE, enhanced emboldened, and top of the main chosen category. Your entries will identify you as an Opchat Sponsor. 
  • Your Company logo will be featured in your enhanced main category entry if required.
  • Your sponsorship will be acknowledged and linked to your generic page whenever we publish a news story you send us.
  • You can use our e-blast product/service at a 1/3rd reduced rate throughout the year, sent to 5000 opticians.

Refer to price table below.

 Headline Sponsors

Why Take up Headline Sponsor Status?

PHN has provided online daily news for over 10 years, and we have made this free to the vision sector community by support from our Headline Sponsors being run as a “not for profit” enterprise. Our over 7500 optician readership each week predominantly made up of the independent sector and practice owners appreciate the help from our headline sponsors allowing us to be totally independent and unbiassed in our reporting.

For just a small additional cost over Banner Marketing you can become an Headline Opchat Sponsor and our readers will be aware of your status by the many additional upgrades as follows:

  • You have your own sponsor’s generic page providing information in full about your company and products and service with links to your chosen website.
  • You have additional banners along the top headline sponsors row on each page. (skyline) as well as a place in the side and lower banner.
    Each banner can direct to a differing landing pages if required.
  • All your Suppliers Directory Entries will be FREE, emboldened, top of the chosen categories with a link to your generic page. Your entries will identify you as Headline Sponsors and link to your generic page. 
  • Your Company logo will be featured in the Sponsor’s scrolling bar under the news on the home page.
  • Your company logo will be included in each fortnightly news update sent to 5000 opticians
  • Your page and any of your banners can be changed free once a month if required.
  • Your sponsorship will be acknowledged and linked to your generic page whenever we publish a news story you send us.
  • You can use our e-blast product/service at a 1/3rd reduced rate throughout the year, sent to 5000 opticians.


We value our sponsors and support them in their businesses with helpful suggestions to improve their success.

You can become an Headline Opchat Sponsor for £2000 +vat per annum.

Opchat News is a partner with and PHN a  member of  the Optical Suppliers Association (OSA) who are Headline Sponsors and we  provide OSA members with special rates in advertising on the site. Please Click Here to move to the OSA members dedicated page.

OSA members will be highlighted with a by their entry in the Suppliers Guide to allow practices to recognise your OSA membership.

Advertising on Opchat News Optical Suppliers Guide


One entry must be enhanced 

Suppliers Directory Entry

STD Enhanced 
entry entry
Main category n/a  £24
Additional Cats. £12 £24
Links  1- year 3- months
qtrly changes No changes
Std Static Banner No links £1,200 £400
Rotating Banner No Links £1,300 £440
Std Static Banner web links £1,500 £500
Rotating Banner web links £1,600 £540
Headline Sponsor Status
One generic page 1- year 6-month
up front payment up front payment
£2,000 £1,200
Qtrly Terms Qtrly Terms
£600 n/a
Additional Pages 1-Year 6-month
per page £400 £200
The Sponsorship of whole sector news pages is available on request
All Costs exclude VAT