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We want to share information among our 7500 + readership about your work, lifestyle, and views in working within the vision sector. Stories about your business, LOCs and Commissioning successes and advice, personnel changes, testimonials, as well as news we receive from professional and regulatory bodies, academia and vision care students and of course new products and services offered to the sector.

Here to help Vision Sector Charities and VI support groups with a free listing and contact details made available to our readers.

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Here are the current Sectors

Charities & Support Groups
Includes Charity Listing

Contact Lenses

Provides Covid related news from the sector, Governemnt News and statistics (infection rates, mortality and vaccination data is provide under “Other Briefings”)


Exhibitions and Congresses

General News
General news affecting the Vision Care Sector

Global News from all manufacturers and suppliers from Optical Suppliers and from OSA

LOCs/AOCs and Commissioning
Stories and advice from your commissioning endeavors, successes and lessons learnt and information provide from LOCSU and LOCs

New Products and Services
From around the World


Ophthalmology (Primary and Secondary Care) 

Professional matters
Optometry and Dispensing, regulations, professional bodies, matters affecting the delivery of community primary care.


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