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AIO and SEE join forces again to bid for DVLA contract in 2024.

AIO and SEE join forces again to bid for DVLA contract in 2024.

Bid predicated on being inclusive of Independents.

The Association for Independent Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians (AIO) and Smart Employee Eyecare (SEE) have announced that they will join forces once again to bid for the DVLA contract in 2024, as they did when the contract was last up for tender in 2019. The bid will be broadly based and include opticians of various types and size and will be predicated on the principle that any Independent practice that wishes to offer DVLA sight tests, paid for by the Government, should be able to do so.

Christian French, Chair of AIO said ‘we are determined that Independents can offer DVLA sight tests paid for by the Government if they elect to do so, and by working with SEE once again we believe there is a real chance of this becoming a reality. It is of course the case that Independents can offer the service to their patients on a private basis (and AIO provides its members with guidance on how to do this), but the point is that they shouldn’t have to. We encourage any Independent that wishes to be part of the bid to join us.’

Jamie Ramage, Corporate Manager at SEE commented ‘we are delighted to be working with AIO once again to make our bid as inclusive as possible. By creating a wide and geographically well spread network of Independent practices we can offer the DVLA a unique opportunity to best cater to the needs of those who require a DVLA sight test.‘

Any Independent interested in joining the bid who is not an AIO member is invited to e-mail or call 0800 1300 486

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