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Sector Collaboration to deliver The Eye Care Support Pathway

Sector Collaboration to deliver The Eye Care Support Pathway

The RNIB, in collaboration with the wider sector, has published The Eye Care Support Pathway.

Matt Stringer – Chief Executive Officer, RNIB and Chair, VI Charity Sector Partnership.

“An effective Eye Care Support Pathway cannot be developed in isolation so I’m delighted to acknowledge the many contributions to this report from so many individuals and groups, including patients, organisations across eye care and a number of sight loss charities – including RNIB – working as part of the VI Charity Sector Partnership.

This partnership works to improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people – and those at risk of sight loss – across the UK. In this context, I cannot think of anything more important than this pathway to ensure patients get better access to information, advice and support throughout their eye care journey.”

FODO joined other senior leaders from the NHS, social care and third sector on 16 November to discuss how to help ensure everybody with an eye condition or sight loss receives the vital information, advice, and practical and emotional support at every stage of their eye care journey.

Harjit Sandhu, managing director at FODO, said: “We, along with other sector partners, have endorsed this important document, which sets out how to best support people with eye conditions. The RNIB team has demonstrated how, through collaboration and genuine consultation, it is possible to bring the entire sector together around a common vision.”

He added: “We now all need to continue to work together to deliver this vision. It is, at its heart, about getting the basics right and having a massive positive benefit on the people we serve. Nobody in the UK should have to live with an eye condition or sight loss without the fundamental information and support set out in The Eye Care Support Pathway.”

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