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Reports on ISD-DE Congress held last week in London 

Reports on ISD-DE Congress held last week in London

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Clinica London and Academy are delighted to have been the Platinum Sponsors
of the XIVth Congress of the International Society Dacryology and Dry Eye, London, May 29th to 31st  2024, held at London´s County Hall, opposite the emblematic Big Ben. We hope all the Sponsors, speakers and delegates enjoyed the meeting and have taken home good memories, made new friends, as well as been inspired by the educational content!

Clinica London, with the Clinica London Academy, Clinicas´ Educational Division, support, promote, and generate dissemination of innovation and critical medical developments in Ophthalmology. We specifically chose to support the field of watery and dry eyes as the Platinum Sponsor of ISD-DE 2024. We are proud of ISD-DE and it´s area of technical advancement, inspiration and communication of knowledge, of the cultural exchange it offers.

Thank you to all the Clinica London Staff for giving up 4 days of their Clinica London duties 28th – 31st May to prepare and run the Reception, and for doing the back ground organising for many months preceding this meeting!

Miss Jane Olver President

Clinica London and the Clinica London Academy
are proud to lead the way and inspire though educational events, and in supporting ISD-DE as the only Platinum Sponsor. We believe strongly in collaboration and education, between ophthalmic colleagues, optometrists, allied health care professionals and our patients. @clinicalondon.co.uk

ISD-DE is unique in its broad base and inclusive philosophy. @isd-de.org It is an International Society and it was an honour to support the XIVth Congress.

The next meeting will be in June 2026, in Tallinn, Estonia.



More about Clinica London

Clinica London is a Privately run Ophthalmology and Dermatology Clinic  Eyes, Aesthetic and Skin in London´s Harley Street Medical Area. Our Consultants have a heightened awareness of the enormous burden of dry eye disease and lacrimal outflow stenosis affecting both children and adults.  We know that watery and dry eyes are increasingly common symptoms, often made worse by triggers such as cosmetics, long screen use, stress, allergens, pollution, air conditioning and central heating, contact lens and much more. Patient ocular comfort, clarity of vision and non-watery eyes is the “Holy Grail” by ophthalmologists in the field of cornea and oculoplastics.

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