The International Society of Dacryology and Dry Eye (ISD-DE) XIVth Congress

29th – 31st May 2024, County Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE17PB, UK

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Make a date to head to London over the three days starting Wednesday May 29th through to Friday May 31st .

We thank our sponsors and you can read about what they will bring to our Congress, the largest 3 day Dry and Watery Eye extravaganza in the UK  this year, Over 100 speakers are booked. 








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ISD-DE aims to provide a worldwide role in education, training, research and promotion of dacryology and dry eye within ophthalmology and allied medical sub-specialties.

The congress will appeal to both Trainee and Consultant Ophthalmologists in Cornea, Ocular surface and Contact lenses, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal sub-specialties, and to Optometrists, Contact Lens Opticians, and Ocularists assisting those patients in the community.

The congress lasting 3 days is bookable in tow parts, the Update Course (Day1) and then the Scientific Conference Day 2 and 3)

You can book for 1 day or add the following 2 days

UPDATE COURSE: Wednesday 29th May 2024

ISD-DE expand popular course to a full day’s education with CPD 

By Popular demand from Optometrists and those considering expanding or commencing work with Dry and Watery Eye Clinics:

Venue: County Hall, Etc Venues 4th Floor, Belvedere Road, London SE1 7PB

Registration badge pick-up 10:00hrs
Update Course 10:30 – 17:30hrs

“The Wet and the Dry”

6 CPD POINTS from GOC. and 6 CPD POINTS from RCO
The Course is suitable for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, allied healthcare professionals and medical students. It is on watery and dry eyes: assessment, ancillary tests, treatments and surgery.

Pre-registration is essential.

The course is subscribed to apart from the Scientific Meeting 30th to 31st May.

International Society Dacryology and Dry Eye
The Watering and Dry Eye Update Course
Wednesday 29th May 2024


10.00 Badge Collection ISD-DE Reception Desk 4th Floor, County hall

10.30 Opening of the Update Course, part of the International Society of Dacryology and Dry Eye XIVth Congress, London, UK
Jane Olver, UK

10.35 Watery and Dry Eyes and the Lacrimal Circle
Jane Olver, UK

10.40 Impact of epiphora on everyday life
Elin Bohman, Sweden

10.55 The Basics: Causes and tests in the tearing patient
Dyonne Hartong, Netherlands

11.10 The Basics: Tearing in patients with a patent lacrimal system
Hunter Yuen, Hong Kong

11.25 The Basics: Eyelid causes of watery and dry eyes
Tristan McMullan, UK

11.35 Special cases: Thyroid Eye Disease – significance of watery and dry eyes
Jimmy Uddin, UK

11.45 The Basics: Punctal and Lacrimal Probing and Syringing
Neil Rowson, UK

12.00 The Basics: Radiological Tests for Epiphora
Ulrich Lachmund, Switzerland

12.15 MR DCG
Saul Rajak, UK

12.25 The Basics: Nasal endoscopic examination of the Nose
Ahmad Aziz, UK

12.35 Anatomical variations in endoscopic DCR
Hew Oliphant, UK

12.45 Questions and Answers

13.00 – 14.00 Light Lunch

14.00 Diagrammatic representation of the lacrimal drainage system
Gangadhara Sundar, Singapore

14.10 7 tricks for performing good endonasal endoscopic DCR
Nikolaos Trakos, Greece

14.20 7 tricks to performing good external DCR
Geoff Rose, UK

14.30 The Basics: Punctal stenosis and canalicular obstruction, aetiology and diagnosis
Francesco Quaranta-Leoni, Italy

14.45 The Basics: Assessment and diagnosis of dry eyes
Laura Maubon, UK

15.15 Questions and Answers

15.20 – 15.50 Tea

15.50 The Basics: Office Treatment of Dry Eyes and Blepharitis
Nizar Din, UK

16.20 Optometry & Dry Eye Management Success
Brian Tompkins, UK

16.40 Questions & Answers

16.45 Imaging the Dry Eye
Professor Harminder Dua, UK

17.15 Questions and Answers

17.30 Leave and Adjourn for Welcome Reception starting at 18.00 – 20.00 in the Thames Suite


17.30Adjourn for Welcome Reception at 18.00 – 20.00

Whether choosing either the one-day or three-day full experience join your colleagues, speakers and our sponsors at e free reception on Wednesday evening


The reception is free but must be booked separately 

Reception 18.00 – 20.00 RECEPTION in THAMES SUITE FREE with Ticket

29th May Course


This Update Conference proceeds a further 2-day scientific conference named “The Year of the Tear”

Held in the same venue on the Thursday and Friday 30th and 31st May 2024. Ideally suited to those who wish for even greater detail and in-depth discussion on the subject.

The 2 day scientific conference Includes six marvelous Symposia:

ISD-DE announce Science Meeting 6 Symposia

The 6 Symposia take place in the Scientific Meeting following the Update Course on May 29th.

You can see the full day’s Update Course Lectures here Update-Course-Programme-19-April-2024

ISD-DE Scientific Meeting Symposia

Download the latest Scientific Program HERE 

International Society Dacryology & Dry Eye (ISD-DE) County Hall London

Thursday and Friday 30th and 31st May

Scientific Meeting

Day 1. Thursday 30th May 2024

The Scientific Meeting will be presented across 3 rooms:

  • Lecture Theatre 1 – County Suite
  • Lecture Theatre 2 – Westminster
  • Lecture Theatre 3 – Lords

The programme below includes the schedules for each room.

Lecture Theatre 1 – County Suite

8.00am               Registration and Badge pickup

8.45am               Opening of the XIVth ISD-DE Congress by:

President Dr Nikos Trakos and

President-Elect & Secretary, Meeting Organiser, Ms Jane Olver

Streamed to Lecture Theatres 2 & 3

8.55am               Introduction to Dacryology: Ms Jane Olver

Streamed to Lecture Theatres 2 & 3

9.00 am             First Session Live

Lectures from Invited Speakers

Chairmen: Dr Ivan Haefliger and Mr David Verity


9.00 am              Dr Ivan Haefliger. Switzerland. Watery eyes – Prevalence of Epiphora in Adults

9.15 am              Mr David Verity, UK. Embryology of the Lacrimal System and the Management of Congenital Variants

9.25 am              Professor Christophe Hintschich, Germany – Epiphora in Upper Eyelid Malposition

9.45 am              Ms Vickie Lee, UK – Dacryology and Dry Eye in Thyroid Eye Disease

10.00 am            Mr Dan Ezra. UK – Dry eyes and Eyelid Surgery

10.10 am            Ms Nikolina Budimlija, Ireland – Dry eye following Blepharoplasty

10.20am             Q&A


                             Inaugural Dr. Juan Murube del Castillo Murube lecture


10.25am             Introducing Professor Rose and the History of Dr. Juan Murube del Castillo by Dr Santiago Ortiz-Perez (VIRTUAL)

10.30am             A personal tribute to Dr. Juan Murube del Castillo by Prof. Reynaldo M. Javate

10.35am             Professor Geoffrey Rose, UK – High tension: Some Unknowns in Dacryology

11.00am            Coffee break


11.30 am           Second Session

Keynote lectures

Chairmen: Ms Vickie Lee and Ms Rajni Jain

11.30am             Mr Sai Kolli, UK – Assessment of the Dry Eye Patient: A Modern Evidence-Based Approach

11.50am             Professor Harminder Dua, UK – The Tear Film in Ocular Defence

12.10pm             Ms Melanie Corbett, UK – The Cryptic Culprit in Ocular Surface Disease

12.20pm             Dr. Wolfgang G.K. Müller-Lierheim, Germany – Hyaluronan Eye Drops: Molecular Weight Makes the Difference

12.40pm             Prof Reynaldo M. Javate, Philippines – Dacryoendoscopy, Recanalisation and Intubation: How to do it and How to be Efficient


1.00pm              Lunch, Posters, and Scavenger Hunt with Exhibitors

2.00pm              Third Session


FCI Gold Sponsor Innovations on Lacrimal Treatment

Chairman: Dr Reynaldo Javate

2.00pm               Introduction by FCI

2.05pm               Prof. Reynaldo M. Javate, Philippines – Lacrimal Stents and Intubation

2.20pm               Dr Lionel Stork, France – StopLoss™ Jones Tubes

2.35pm               Mr Saul Rajak, UK – Stenting the Nasolacrimal Drainage System

2.50pm               All speakers Q&A

3.00pm              Keynote lecture

Chairman: Mr Saul Rajak

Dr Gangadhara Sundar, Singapore. Comprehensive assessment of the Dacryology patient ( in the Modern Era)

3.15 pm             Tea-coffee break

3.45 pm             Fourth Session

The VIRTUALS – Keynote Lectures

Chairmen: Mr Dan Ezra and Ms Nikolina Budimlija

3.45pm               Dr Khalil Errais – Management of Resistant Corneal Ulcers

3.55pm               Dr Santiago Ortiz Perez – Punctal Stenosis Management in Spain

4.05pm               Professor Friedrich Paulsen, Germany – Physiology of the Nasolacrimal Duct and Relevance to Ocular Surface

4.30 pm             Edutainment – by Special Invitation!

Chairman: Introduction by Mr Sai Kolli

Brian Tompkins, UK. – Sclerals Rock! Optometry & Dry Eye Management Success

5.00 pm              Q&A

5.15 pm              End First Day

5.30 pm             AGM     Members Only


7.30 pm              Gala Dinner, by Ticket, OXO Tower Restaurant, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH

Day 2.  Friday 31st May 2024

Lecture Theatre 1 – County Suite

9.00am               First Session

Keynote Lectures

Chairman: Hunter Yuen and Kelvin Chong

9.00 am              Professor Lelio Baldeschi, Italy – “My Search of Evidence in Lacrimal Surgery”

9.20am               Professor Hesham Saleh, UK –  Endoscopic Endonasal DCR

9.40 am              Q&A

9.45 am              Symposium: TFOS Lifestyle and Dry Eye

Chairman: Ms Rachna Murthy

9.45 am              Ms Rachna Murthy – Introduction

9.50 am              Mr Jonahan Roos – The Eyelid Microbiome in Dry Eye Disease and Environmental Factors (TFOS report)

10.00 am            Ms Nikolina Budimlija – Hormones, Menopause & OSD
10.10 am            Ms Rachna Murthy – In The Eye of the Storm- The Impact of Cosmetics on the   

                             Ocular Surface (TFOS report)

10.20 am            Ms Nikolina Budimlija – The Role of Surgery in OSD (TFOS Report)

10.30 am            Mr Jonathan Roos – The Role of Hypochlorous and Intense Pulsed Light in OSD

10.40 am            All speakers: Q&A

11.00am            Coffee break

11.30am            Second Session


Chairmen: Professor Geoffrey Rose and Dr Anna Schuh

11.30 am            Dr Elin Bohman, 24 -107. Sweden – Eye-Tracking During Reading and Low Contrast Visual Acuity to Quantify Epiphora Symptoms Before and After Dacryocystorhinostomy

11.40 am            Yasishi Fujita,    24 – 112, Japan – Histopathological and Component Analysis of Lacrimal Sac Mucosa with Submucosal Foreign Body Migration

11.50 am            Ayelet Priel, 24 -153, Israel – The Clinical and Radiological Characteristics of the Punctal System in Patients with Epiphora Compared to Healthy Participants

12.00pm            Akemi Iwasaki 24 – 142, Japan – Innovative Channel-Less High-Resolution Dacryoendoscope

12.10pm            Hamad Al Sulaiman 24 – 146, Saudi Arabia – DCR Preferences Among Oculoplastic Surgeons: Barriers and Facilitators to Adoption of Endoscopic DCR

12.20 pm           Q&A

12.25 pm           Inaugural Schirmer Lecture

Introduction by Elin Bohman

12.30 pm           Professor Harminder Dua, UK.  “Ocular surface reconstruction: Principles and procedures”

12.55 pm           Q&A

1.00pm              Lunch – Scavenger Hunt Prize Awards by Professor Reynaldo Javate in Thames Suite

2.00pm              Third Session

Symposium: Paediatric Watering eyes

Synopsis: The controversies on the management of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction are discussed, including early and late management, simple probing, endoscopically assisted, dacryoplasty and recanalisation.

Chairman: Dr Angela Dolmetsch

2.00 pm              Dr Angela Dolmetsch: Introduction

2.05 pm              Dr Martin Emesz: Early Treatment of Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction (CNLDO) – Results

2.15 pm              Dr Hunter Yuen: Use of Nasal Endoscope in congenital NLDO – The actual advantages

2.25 pm              Dr Mehdi Fendri: Dacryoplasty for the late management of CNLDO

2.35 pm              Professor Reynaldo M. Javate: Paediatric TELDR: Is this the best approach for Paediatric NLD obstruction?

2.45 pm              Dr Angela Dolmetsch: Endoscopic lacrimal Surgery in Children

3.10 pm              All Speakers: Q&A

3.15pm              Tea – coffee break

3.45 pm             Fourth Session

Rapid Fire

Chairmen: Dan Ezra and Guy Ben Simon

3.45 pm              Konstantin Gushanksky. 24 -108, Israel. Oral Medications and Dry Eye Disease in Coronavirus Disease Survivors

3.53 pm              Mari Goto 24 -119,  Japan. Acute Dacryocystitis, Ethmoiditis and Frontal Sinusitis in Graft-Versus-Host Disease

3.59 pm              Ekatarina Kondatishko 24 -126, Latvia – Successful Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy Implementation in Early Childhood

4.07 pm              Dayna Yong 24 -166, Singapore. Outpatient Lacrimal Procedures     

4.15 pm              Hamzah Mohammad – Presented by Gangadhara Sundar 24 – 154, Singapore. Diagrammatic Presentation of the Lacrimal System Evaluation, an Interpretive Approach         

4.23                     Q&A

4.35 pm              Patient Education

Chairmen: Hunter Yuen and Dan Ezra

Jayshree Vasani and Subhash Suhar, UK. Educating for Better Outcomes, Making a Difference

5.05pm               Q&A

5.15pm              Closing of Meeting by:

Professor Nikos Trakos – President – Dan Ezra and Guy Ben Simon

See you at the XVth Congress ISD-DE!

Register Now Here For one or all three days (31 CPD Points available )

The Social Programme

The meeting is providing many Social Opportunities to enjoy your 3 days with your colleagues and new found friends with an interest in Dry and Watery Eye, its latest treatments and advice on starting or improving your Dry Eye Community Clinic.

On Day 1 join them and the exhibitors and speakers at a free evening reception 18.00 to 20.00 at County Hall REGISTER

Day 2 A Gala Dinner at the Oxo Tower Restaurant, Barge House Street, London SE1 9PH 19.00 to 22.00 REGISTER

2-day scientific conference named “The Year of the Tear” (2 Days) £440.00. 

More information is available at

Preliminary Meeting Programme

The Preliminary Programme will be updated on a regular basis.

  • The Schirmer Lecture:
    Professor Harminder Dua will give the inaugural Schirmer Lecture on Dry Eyes “Ocular surface reconstruction: Principles and procedures”.
  • Juan Murube de Castillo Lecture:
    Professor Geoffrey Rose will give the inaugural Dr Juan Murube de Castillo Lecture on Watery Eyes. “High tension: some unknowns in dacryology”.

KEYNOTE invited lecturers:

  • Mr Sajjad Ahmad: Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
  • Dr Friedrich Paulsen: Anatomy and physiology ocular surface, eyelids and tear film
  • Mr Sai Kolli: Assessment of the dry eye patient – a modern evidence based approach
  • Ms Melanie Corbett: The Cryptic Culprit in Ocular Surface Disease
  • Mr Brian Tompkins: Sclerals Rock
  • Dr Wolfgang G.K. Müller-Lierheim: Hyaluran Eye Drops
  • Dr Mehdi Fendri: Imaging for the assessment of Lacrimal Duct Stenosis (LDS)
  • Dr Rey Javate: Endoluminal Dacryoplasty (TELDR)
  • Dr Angela Dolmetsch: Endoscopic Lacrimal Surgery in Children
  • Mr Hesham Saleh: Endonasal DCR Top Tips
  • Dr Lelio Baldeschi: Search for evidence on DCR Surgery
  • Dr Andrew Pearson: Tips and Tricks for success with Jones tubes


  • DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy) Surgery. Chair: Ahmad Aziz
  • Anophthalmic Socket Dryness. Chair: Sri Gore
  • Dry Eyes after Cosmetic Surgery and Lifestyle Factors. Chair: Rachna Murthy
  • Kids: Paediatric Watering and Dry Eyes. Chair: Angela Dolmetsch
  • Endocanalicular Dacryoplasty, Chair: Saul Rajak
  • Oncology and the Watery / Dry Eye, Chair: Gangadhara Sundar

30th and 31st May Scientific Meeting

Early: £440
Regular: £490
Late: £515

Thanks to our Sponsors

Here is a preview from our major sponsors information :

Clinica London Platinum Sponsor 

FCI (A Zeiss Company)  GOLD Sponsor

Santen Bronze Sponsor

Machida Bronze Sponsor

Thea Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Lim­it­ed Bronze Sponsor

Essilor/Luxottica Sponsor

Scope Sponsor

Topcon Healthcare Sponsor 


Platinum Sponsors of the XIVth Congress of the International Society Dacryology and Dry Eye, London 2024


Clinica London Academy

Clinica London, with the Clinica London Academy, the Clinica Educational Division, supports, promotes and helps generate dissemination of innovation and critical medical developments in the field of watery and dry eyes.

We are proud of ISD-DE and it´s area of technical advancement, inspiration and communication of knowledge, the cultural exchange it offers. We look forwards to sharing interactions at this XIVth Congress ISD-DE.

Clinica London is an Ophthalmology and Dermatology Clinic  Eyes, Aesthetic and Skin in London´s Harley Street Medical Area. Our Consultants in Ophthalmology and Dermatology have a heightened awareness of the enormous burden of dry eye disease and lacrimal outflow stenosis in 2024, affecting children and adults.  Ocular comfort, clarity of vision and non- watery eyes is the “Holy Grail” we seek for our patients.

Clinica London Academy is proud to lead the way and inspire though its educational events and in supporting ISD-DE. We believe strongly in collaboration and education, between ophthalmic colleagues, optometrists, allied health care professionals and patients.

Find out more HERE 



FCI is a world leader in the development of a wide range of ophthalmic devices.

Over the past four decades, FCI has been dedicated to providing physicians with innovative,
high-performance and mostly exclusive products covering the fields of expertise of Oculoplasty, Dry Eye, Retina and Cataract.


Your Patients, Our Expertise.


Our core business and activities involve extensive research & development and advanced manufacturing processes to enhance the effectiveness and performance of the procedures performed by our customers.

FCI is a global, multi-site company with its headquarter in Paris, France, a branch FCI Ophthalmics in Boston, MA (USA) managing our North American operations, and a strong distribution network that serves more than 80 countries.







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At Santen, we have been dedicated to ophthalmology since 1899. We will always aspire to lead the ophthalmology field – we will not be distracted by other therapy areas or trends.

Physicians can trust that we have the utmost dedication to the highest standards of quality, safety and compliance. Santen is committed to improving the eye health of patients, using our global breadth of scientific innovation.

Santen is a leader and trusted partner in glaucoma treatment, having a full spectrum of products for patients of all stages, and has a growing portfolio particularly in dry eye disease (DED), retinal conditions and allergy.

We expand our reach and expertise through investing in meaningful partnerships with healthcare professionals, academia, institutions and innovator companies.

Find out more HERE 



Machida Endoscope is happy to introduce our 0.9/0.7mm dacryoscopes at the ISD-DE 2024, which provide visual information of patient’s lacrimal system to support your diagnosis, choice of treatment, and instrument handling before and during procedure.

Our dacryoscope is characterized by its gentle S-curve shape, brilliant image quality, and durability.  The unique shape will help its smooth insertion to the sac and to the nasolacrimal duct.  The clear image will precisely locate and reveal the conditions of the obstruction site.  Despite of its fine diameter, its durability has been proven in clinical use in Japan.

MACHIDA Endoscope Co., Ltd. was founded as a manufacturer of medical endoscopes in 1956, which is one of few companies that can provide flexible fiber-optic endoscopes in the world at that time.

Over the past five decades, MACHIDA has developed a well-earned reputation for a number of accomplished technological achievements, and become one of the leading companies worldwide in the endoscopy industry.

MACHIDA has also emphasized its expansion into advanced industrial fields, such as industrial endoscopes, optical sensors and laser related equipment, and will continue to contribute its expertise to the development of both medical and industrial devices.

Please come visit our booth to experience the dacryoscopy.  We have a lacrimal system anatomy model to play with.


Find out more HERE 

Thea Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Lim­it­ed


Thea Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Lim­it­ed is an inno­v­a­tive com­pa­ny sole­ly ded­i­cat­ed to devel­op­ing high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts that sup­port oph­thalmic care and eye health across the UK and Ireland.

Our exten­sive range includes both pre­scrip­tion and non-pre­scrip­tion prod­ucts that are free from preser­v­a­tives.

We have pre­scrip­tion prod­ucts for Glau­co­ma, Inflam­ma­tion, Infec­tion and Aller­gy, as well as a range of cut­ting edge Sur­gi­cal Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals.

We also have non-pre­scrip­tion prod­ucts to help alle­vi­ate Dry Eye, Ble­phar­i­tis and Mei­bo­mi­an Gland Dys­func­tion, along with a range of Eye Nutri­tion­als to gen­er­al­ly sup­port eye health and help to main­tain vision.

Find out more HERE 

EssilorLuxottica is looking forward to welcoming ECPs to its stand at the ISD-DE 2024 Congress on May 29th – 31st 2024 where it will be showcasing its portfolio of dry eye equipment.

During the event, delegates will discover key pieces of equipment available from EssilorLuxottica which when used together in practice, offer a complete solution for diagnosing dry eye and managing the condition.

Paul Cumber, instruments director at EssilorLuxottica, said: “Dry eye is most certainly a growing area of opportunity for opticians and setting up a dry eye clinic will help differentiate practices as well as helping patients to manage the condition.

“The return on investment is very quick and we support practices in pricing the service, and providing training for the team, as well as marketing support to promote and drive awareness.”


IDRA by SBM Sistemi
allows ECPs to accurately capture tear film instability data, and then provide clearly presented metrics that are simple for the patient to understand. It also has an accompanying smart phone app, which is an excellent way for patients to monitor their dry eye symptoms at home.

It performs a full assessment of the ocular surface via a series of quick tear film tests, including the quality of tears and analysis of the meibomian glands, to classify the type of dry eye disease.

Paul Cumber said: “The IDRA imaging system is a compact and cost-effective piece of kit which provides strong evidence to support your choice of treatment, while helping the patient understand why that therapy is being recommended.”


The TearStim IRPL device from ESW Vision emits energy in the form of painless light pulses and heat and is applied to the skin below the eye. The aim is to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system supplying the meibomian glands, increase the secretion from the glands and contribute to restoring their normal activity. In addition, the quality of the secretion is improved, and the lipid layer of the tear film is stabilised.

Paul Cumber continues: “The effectiveness of IRPL treatments such as TearStim can be enhanced further by using the Activa Home Eye Mask which uses heat and massage to increase meibomian gland output, so eyes stay lubricated and symptom-free for longer.”



The Activa Home Eye Mask by SBM Sistemi uses heated automatic massage technology and patients can rent the device from the practice to use at home or more frequently it is offered as an in-practice treatment. The fully automated procedure heats and massages the eye lids generating heat of approximately 42 degrees for 15 minutes while applying a micro-vibration-based massage to aid meibomian gland expression.


Find out more HERE 


Scope is a family-run company for three generations with a heritage of bringing evidence-based, premium products to healthcare professionals and end-consumers alike.

Scope offers innovative Ocular Surface Disease Management Dry Eye and Blepharitis products.

Scope operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland and now the USA Scope ensures its product offerings are well-established with a track record of successfully treating patients worldwide.

Find out more HERE 

Topcon will be showcasing its dry eye solutions at ISD-DE 2024.

The ScoutPro from Trukera, recently added to our product portfolio. Hyperosmolarity is a causative factor that leads to abnormal slit lamp exam results, with 80% of cataract patients at risk for ocular surface disease, and 1in 5 cataract patients risk a >1D variation in keratometry measurements and the ScoutPro brings the power of Osmolarity in a portable, practical and precise device to collect specimens and analysis all in one. VeriLyte™ Technology integrates specimen collection and analysis all within the ScoutPro pen, the LCD screen displays results in seconds, you can also view prior test results.

Topcon’s MYAH has Dry Eye assessment tools to grow your Dry Eye Practice, it now has new questionnaires that you can report on, the OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index) questionnaire comprises of 12 questions, the answers to these questions are used to calculate a score which serves as an indicator of the severity of a patient’s dry eye symptoms. With the incorporation of the questionnaires, we’re now gathering supplementary data to enhance our presentations, the questionnaire data is seamlessly integrated into the relevant report and it enables a comprehensive comparison of metrics from various exams.

The Eye-light® from Espansione Group featuring both core technologies, Light Modulation®/LLLT and Optimal Power Energy®/IPL, for an optimal, non-invasive treatment of most ocular surface conditions. It’s the first approved customised LM®/LLLT treatment for Dry Eye Disease provides quick and easy treatment that gives instant relief from the symptoms of Dry Eye, and in the long term enables management and treatment better than other technology. LLLT Treatment can also be delivered as a standalone treatment with the mgd-mask®.

Find out more HERE