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Real people in EYE RESPECT designs from the TROIS III COLLECTION:

Real people in EYE RESPECT designs from the TROIS III COLLECTION:


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The ophthalmic collection fuses vintage-inspired shapes, wearable colours and a supreme lightness and comfort

DC from Trois lll
An optical line created according to principles of timeless, heritage design, EYE RESPECT pays homage to the essence of vintage spectacles in their ophthalmic glasses collection, designed for men and women.

Taking inspiration from a variety of expressive Anglo-Italian classics the latest styles have been photographed on friends and fans of the brand, illustrating versatility, colouring that flatters different skin tones and hair colours and a simple stylish design that suits – and pleases – many ages.

ALEX The Eye Respect DC III (left) – part of the TROIS III collection for 2021 – is the ultimate heritage silhouette, conveying the spirit of Oxbridge Blues, Ivy League style and the learned academics of the University of Bologna. A classic panto shape handcrafted in Italy in fine acetate.

This style is offered in ink blue, black gloss, Havana tort, vintage tort and crystal.

In a culture where “sprezzatura” is universal, the Eye Respect Alex III (right and headline page) represents the style phenomenon that is the Italian man. Strong, bold and confident, this vintage wayfarer-inspired shape has strong, angular temples influenced by the 50s era and a fine handcrafted finish.

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