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NIRVAN JAVAN’s latest collection, the SHADES OF TORONTO

NIRVAN JAVAN’s latest collection, the SHADES OF TORONTO

The richly colored SHADES OF TORONTO; Beige. 

Toronto, the most culturally diverse city in the world. It was the model for NIRVAN JAVAN’s latest collection, the SHADES OF TORONTO. Its many colors radiate uncompromising individuality of the city; beige is one of them.

A modern elegance

The bold internationality of a city, captured in the SHADES OF TORONTO. This incomparable diversity of Toronto can be rediscovered in eight colors. Black, brown, pink, purple, blue, green and yellow.

Now beige joins them, a delicate color in the bold SHADES OF TORONTO. They invite you to experience the uncompromising individuality of the city. It is a modern elegance.

Frames that could not be more elegant

Inspired by the expressive power of Toronto, the frames in the collection tell of the history, architecture and openness of the Canadian metropolis. Engraved on the top of the front, one thus finds the city’s motto; Diversity our Strength.

The Japanese acetate also evokes the Robust City of the North with its incomparable resistance. It is a modern world in the form of frames.


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