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NHSX publishes new data strategy

NHSX publishes new data strategy

A new Data strategy will support delivery of patient centred care

Patients to have better access and greater control over their health and care data under new proposals

Records will be shared between systems to allow faster, more specialised treatment

Plan will help power vital research to discover new treatments and insights to save lives

The way data is used across health and care sectors is set to be transformed, giving patients control of their health data and enabling staff to save more lives through improved care and treatment.

The draft strategy ‘Data saves lives: reshaping health and social care with data’ published today by NHSX builds on the ground-breaking use of data during the pandemic with privacy and security of data at its core.

Under the proposals, patients will easily be able to access their test results, medication lists, procedures and care plans from across all parts of the health system through patient apps, such as the NHS App, by ensuring data is shared safely and more effectively across the system. By improving their access to data, people will also be able to manage appointments, refill medications and speak with health and care staff when needed.

The strategy aims to break down data barriers and give patients confidence that health and care staff have up-to-date medical information, regardless of the care setting, enabling clinicians to make quicker, more informed decisions to deliver better treatment. Improving data collection and the way NHS systems work together will mean staff spend less time collecting and looking for information they need, so they can spend more time with those they are caring for to focus on looking after them.

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