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New website offers independents fair play for e-commerce

New website offers independents fair play for e-commerce

Positive Impact has relaunched an updated and expanded version of its website where patients can buy its Dry Eye Zone products while keeping its independent practitioner customers in the retail loop.



Patients using the online shop at get the convenience of buying their dry eye products online but without cutting the independent practice out of the sale.

The updated website means that the independent receives a percentage reimbursement of their patient’s full order value without tying up cash, or practice space, by stocking every product in Positive Impact’s Dry Eye Zone. Another benefit for the practice is that it reduces the risk of buying in bulk to get a discount only for some of the products to expire on the shelf.

Positive Impact’s renowned Dry Eye Zone features best-in-class products such as the HydraMed drops and ointment, the Purifeyes hypochlorous spray and DemEx cleansers, the Dry Omega supplements and the TearRestore and Bruder compresses. It also features the optocosmetics Lash Builder and the Eyes Are the Story make-up and skincare.

The new website works by the practitioner recommending the dry eye products to the patient, ideally selling them their first supply. They also provide a patient leaflet containing the practice’s unique code which gives the patient a 10 per cent discount. Every time the code is used the practice receives a reimbursement of the total order value received.

When the patient buys further supplies from the website, by using the code the practice gets a rebate and the patient gets their discount, as well as free delivery if they spend over £50. The Dry Eye Zone range cannot be found in the multiples or supermarkets and the website also promotes the importance of seeking a practitioner’s advice.

Positive Impact’s Sales and Operations Director, Maxine Green, said: “At least 95 per cent of dry eye sales go through non-optical channels and we don’t believe that’s right when manufacturers expect the sector to drive recommendation in the first place. Post-Covid it is estimated that more than half of consumers prefer to buy online and we are committed to ensuring that our customers don’t lose out when the patient makes that convenience choice.”

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