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New Frey inspired AP300 Visual fields Analyser

New Frey inspired AP300 Visual fields Analyser

Grafton Optical are excited to announce the launch of the AP-300 Visual Fields Analyser from Frey; an advanced platform with patient-centred functionality, combining the latest in Kinetic and Static Perimetry.


AP300 from Grafton The AP-300 Visual Fields Analyser meets with global standards for excellence in the testing, diagnosis and management of eye and neurological disease. It is an essential part of the diagnostic toolbox in glaucoma, retina and neuro ophthalmic practice.

AP-300 is an advanced platform with patient-centred functionality offering a rich set of diagnostic techniques. This single platform combines the latest in Kinetic and Static Perimetry, including white perimetry, SWAP and Flicker perimetry for early glaucoma detection, plus real Goldman kinetic perimetry. This spectrum of functionality offers tailored personalised testing for the patient and the clinician.

Advanced application software provides unique function analysis of patient results, making diagnosis easier and faster. The standard presentation of patient results allows the user to print a single test and present clinical changes in the visual field over time.

Test fields

Tests can be performed within standard testing area covering various ranges of angular field of view (up to 80 degrees for one eye). There are fields with concentric arrangement stimuli
(i.e. Macula, 22 °, 30 °, 50 °, driving Wide, Glaucoma, Peripheral) or the rectangular system (i.e. 10-2, 24-2, 30-2). The built-in editor allows the user to define specific tests of the test field. It is also possible to test the central vision (optional Fovea).

Targeted perimetry

This unique technology allows the user to load previous fundus images and select the area requiring investigation, to focus the perimetry examination on the designated area. This technology allows for faster and more accurate examination of the area of interest.

Pattern calibration

Patients with large defects in the visual field, or fields significantly deviating from the standard perimeter examination, can experience fatigue due to length of the examination. Pattern calibration is designed to improve the comfort of these patients and significantly reduces examination time. Pattern calibration technique can reduce examination time significantly by more than five minutes.

Installation flexibility

The AP-300 can be used in both small practices and large clinics. With built-in networking capabilities, installation of the device is very easy with system expansion economical. The AP-300 can easily communicate with devices connected directly or network printers and servers. The perimeter software can be installed on any number of computers, allowing users to organise efficient and effective patient workflow.

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