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NCHA presses for a widening in funding for Primary Care Audiology

Primary care audiology – accessible ear and hearing care for all
The NCHA, part of the FODO Group, has published Primary care audiology – accessible ear and hearing care for all.

It sets out the clinical and economic evidence for an NHS-funded primary care audiology to be made available to more people across the UK.

The NCHA contends that: Millions of people across the UK with hearing loss, earwax, tinnitus and other audiological issues cannot get the NHS support they need. This has become a major and growing public health challenge impacting all aspects of individuals’ lives, work and wellbeing.

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Opchat News understand that many practices have widened their services into the audiology field using either qualified locums or in many cases employing audiologists and qualified nurses to clean the ears, a procedure no longer provided by GPs. The private payments for such tasks are often more than three times the value of the NHS funded sight examination.

One wonders if those practices who have invested space, time and finance into audiology will be satisfied by an extension of primary care payments for all.

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