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Nanodropper could be a solution to better eyedrop installation.

Nanodropper could be a solution to better eyedrop installation.


Nano Dropper
Did you know eyedrops are five times too large for the eye to absorb? This means for every bottle of eyedrops you prescribe, 80 percent of it is wasted immediately — without even
accounting for the patient’s aim.

In a recently conducted a survey with hundreds of eyecare professionals we asked them about the state of patient eyedrop use.

Here are some of our notable findings of eyecare professionals

They said (99%) that at least some of their patients are concerned about the cost of their eye drops

95% of eyecare professionals said their patients would benefit from smaller drops

NANODROPPER is the solution!

The Nanodropper adaptor is an FDA listed class I medical device that makes current drops ~ 3 times smaller!

This adaptor will help your patients save money, keep them from running out of drops, and reduce side effects. It can also help you save money on in-clinic drops!

Visit our healthcare professionals page to learn more about Nanodropper, including whitepaper and benchtop data, clinical safety, and testimonials from prominent eyecare professionals.

Feel free to email us at with any questions about Nanodropper, or to schedule a meeting!

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