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MiYOSMART wins for Hoya Lens UK

HOYA Lens UK win ‘The Lens Award’ with their innovative spectacle lens MiYOSMART at the Optician Awards 2022.


HOYA Lens UK are thrilled to announce their third consecutive win at the Optician Awards with their latest innovation MiYOSMART.

Myopia is a global concern and by 2050 it is estimated that over 50% of people, regardless of where they live will have myopia (1). Since the launch of MiYOSMART spectacles lenses in the UK in February 2021, HOYA has continuously supported independent Eye Care Professionals to raise awareness of myopia and the importance of its management.

HOYA are on a mission to curb myopia and are doing so by providing professional education such as CPD and ongoing support with practice team training, raising consumer awareness and increasing holistic advice to parents and guardians, and enhancing the parent and patient journey.

Over recent months HOYA undertook a two-month awareness campaign targeting parents of youngsters across multiple channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Mumsnet and Google, extending their reach of the campaign to millions of people across the UK and Ireland, to help them better understand what short-sightedness is and how new-generation spectacle lenses can help their child. All communications encouraged parents to book a sight test for their child with their local independent MiYOSMART accredited optician.

HOYA also recognised that there is a large disconnect between the importance of children’s eye health and the school curriculum. As most learning typically takes place through our eyes, it was alarming to learn that schools currently do not have any scheme in place which focuses on the importance of healthy eyesight and overall eye health. HOYA’s ‘Eye Care We Care’ scheme is a fantastic opportunity for independent ECPs to partner with local schools to promote the importance of eye health and their practice in their local schools and community effectively.

The HOYA team attended the glamorous black-tie awards evening at the Hilton Park Lane, London with over 500 attendees from across the eye care industry. The highly desirable ‘Lens Award’ consisted of four finalists on the evening. All of the HOYA team were thrilled to accept the award and would like to thank all ECPs that continue to join them on their mission to curb myopia.

Martin Batho, Managing Director of HOYA Lens UK said “On behalf of the all the team at HOYA, we are delighted with the news that our latest innovation MiYOSMART has won ‘The Lens Award’ at the Optician Awards 2022. Our customers and the Hoya team continue to work together to make a real difference in the myopia management category. We look forward to sharing our exciting plans to further develop this category, in order to support children all around the world.”

Here’s a selection of comments from            HOYA customers

“Everyone involved in eyecare should be excited about Myopia management and how we can help protect the sight of the next generation. We jumped into dispensing MiYOSMART. It is simple to dispense after the excellent accreditation training from HOYA. We have had minimal issues with non-tolerance to the lens with most wearers saying they are unaware of any major visual discomfort”

 Ian Curtis, Owner at Curtis Opticians

“Having been in “optics” for over 40 years I have seen many products come and many products go. Some products are launched in a blaze of glory as a solution to all of our optical problems and then disappear without a trace. I am convinced that this is not going to be the case with MiYOSMART. This innovative lens was not launched using glossy marketing adjectives but underpinned by a strong research base and robust clinical trials. I was privileged to be one of the first eyecare practitioners in the UK to have the opportunity to use MiYOSMART and have recently completed a six-month review on the 4th patient dispensed with this lens. MiYOSMART is straightforward to dispense but does require careful frame selection and centration along with a visual demonstration of the lens to the patient and parent. Feedback regarding adaptation from all of the patients so far has been positive with no non-tolerances so far. Of the 4 patients that I have reviewed, non-have demonstrated myopic progression which is obviously very encouraging. All GOC registrants have a duty to discuss appropriate methods of treatment/correction with their patients. I would like to thank HOYA for giving me and other practitioners the opportunity to offer the potential treatment of myopia in addition to its correction.”

Andrew Keirl, Optometrist and Dispensing Optician, Liskeard, Cornwall


  1. Calculated continental averages, based on data from Holden B. A. et al. Global Prevalence of Myopia and High Myopia and Temporal Trends from 2000 through 2050. Ophthalmology. 2016 May;123(5):1036-1042



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