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‘is your vision roadworthy?’ campaign

FODO joins forces with others to support ‘is your vision roadworthy?’ campaign

FODO has joined forces with other optical bodies and motoring organisations to launch ‘Is Your Vision Roadworthy?’.

The campaign aims to educate motorists about their legal obligation to ensure their eyesight is fit to drive, ultimately making our roads safer.

The campaign is set to run over the month of May, where traffic volumes are expected to peak due to the three bank holidays.

Eye Health UK estimates that over the May Day Bank Holiday period over half a million car journeys will be made by drivers whose vision falls below the legal limit, due to an undiagnosed or untreated vision condition or simply because a driver isn’t wearing the eyewear they have been prescribed for driving.

In a recent study by the campaign group, 2.2% of number plate tests carried out by 23 police forces over a two-week period, resulted in failure. Extrapolated to all active drivers in the UK, more than 900,000 UK drivers would fail to meet this most basic eyesight standard for driving.

Additional findings:

  • Three quarters of those failing the test were men.
  • The average age of failing the test was 69 years old.
  • A third of those who failed the test and had been prescribed corrective lenses were not wearing them at the time.
  • 85% of all the drivers who failed the roadside vision screening test had their licence revoked on the spot under Cassie’s Law.



Dan Hodgson, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at FODO, said: “The stark findings of this research show just how important this campaign is. Ensuring drivers have their sight checked regularly should keep their vision roadworthy. Not only should this reduce road safety issues, but will mean drivers, many of whom are reliant on driving for work and their everyday life, can continue to drive safely.

“FODO members will be promoting the campaign to their patients, in support of this important safety campaign.”



Download the materials here:

Visit the campaign website


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