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iCare launch new Eidon Ultra-Widefield Module Lens

iCare launch new Eidon Ultra-Widefield Module Lens


iCare’s new lens for the Eidon family fundus imaging devices gives an even wider view of the retina, with 200° now visible.


Finnish ophthalmological medical device manufacturer – iCare – have launched their newest accessory for their Eidon product range – the “Eidon Ultra-Widefield Lens”, which is available to order through Mainline Instruments.

iCare uses TrueColor confocal technology to give unsurpassed image quality and a superior increased field of view of the retina. A single image with the new lens can get 120° and takes less than a minute, and a mosaique style image can be quickly taken to show 200° in a panoramic view.

The ultra-widefield lens gives images in all different modalities available on the Eidon, including autofluorescence, infrared and fluorescein angiography. The new module lens can be screwed on to existing Eidon devices and is fully automated, allowing the clinician to focus on the patient, instead of the device, during the exam.

iCare provide ophthalmologists with the latest solutions for comprehensive screening, diagnostics and monitoring of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration (AMD). Their product line includes automated TrueColor imaging devices, perimeters and handheld rebound tonometers.

As an exclusive supplier of iCare products for the UK, Mainline Instruments Managing Director, Simon Hawkins commented on the new product release;

“The new lens makes the Eidon cameras a step ahead of its competitors in a number of ways, it’s much less expensive than many other brands, much more comfortable and a clear and highly detailed image every time, whether at 120° or 200° in any modalities.“

For more information about the Eidon Ultra-Widefield Lens contact Mainline Instruments

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