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I-MAN: THE NEW IMMAGINE 98 Brand dedicated exclusively to Men



Immagine 98 presents I-Man, the collection of eyewear frames dedicated exclusively to male purchasers. Designed after careful market analysis, involving retail outlets in Italy, France, Germany and other key nations, these models are intended for a young target audience, have an affordable price but the quality of “Made in Italy” and are veritable evergreens in the eyewear world: classic lines, but with great rigour and attention to detail and current fashion trends.

What makes this collection stand out is the mix of colours, with muted tones and jazzier versions, the use of different shapes, square and rounded, modern or with a retro flavour, and the combination of different materials, such as metal and acetate or injected with matte hues.

The Giorgio model is an acetate panto style that plays on the contrast of colours.

giorgio c4

Available in light blue with grey temples, black with satin crystal temples, marbled sand with tone-on-tone temples and blue with orange temples, it offers the possibility of inserting magnetic clip-on sunglasses lenses, in various shades to match the frame front.

Dylan is characterised by a square shape and using combined injected elements on the frame front. In the various proposals, from more traditional colours such as satin crystal paired with black to brighter ones such as light blue combined with darker blue, the steel temples make the frame even lighter and give it a technical look.

dylan c1

Made entirely from metal, in the total gold versions with black tips or with a touch of black on the brow bar, or completely black – Francesco glasses are a contemporary reinterpretation of a double bridge. The rims, with a slightly more angular shape than the classic “teardrop” option, give the frame, with its vintage style, an extra touch of modernity.

The Morgan model, squarer, and the Riccardo model, round and thin, both involve the use of acetate in a bold shape. Two frames that are classic but always on trend, given a new twist thanks to the considerable thicknesses able to bring out the chromatic variations that play on traditional shades such as transparent, black and sand and blue, for a look with an “intellectual” flavour.


morgan c3
Riccardo c4


Also in acetate are the Thomas model, with a square shape, and the Ethan model, a panto style with a keyhole bridge. Evergreen glasses in terms of shapes and colours, from classic black, brown or blue to soft sand.

  thomas c3
ethan c2

The I-Man collection responds to the needs of a young target audience looking for eyewear suitable for all occasions. Timeless, simple, high-quality models characterised by a constant search for materials and strictly the result of Italian design.



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