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Eye Drop Applicator Magic Touch launched

Could it be magic?

Positive Impact has launched a new eye drop applicator called Magic Touch which has been engineered to easily carry eye drops into the eye without mess.

Patients apply one eye drop to the fingertip device then bring the applicator to their eye where capillary action makes the drop ‘jump’ onto their eye at the slightest touch. The natural fingertip method of applying eye drops makes tilting the head back a thing of the past.

The new applicator has been scientifically designed by ophthalmologist Dr Julius Shulman. It is made from laboratory-tested medical grade silicone and contains a patented silver ion antimicrobial agent that eliminates 99.99% of microbes.

Dr Shulman said: “I developed Magic Touch to eliminate the wasteful hit or miss manner of tilting the head back to instill eye drops and to ensure that every costly drop of eye medicine gets into the eye where it can do its job.”

Positive Impact’s Managing Director, Nick Atkins, said: “Magic Touch is as simply brilliant as its brilliance is simple. It’s going to help thousands of people in the UK successfully get their eye drop medication in their eyes. It’s ingenious.”

Magic Touch is included in Positive Impact’s new 24-page product catalogue. The catalogue features contact lenses, including its new myopia management portfolio, the company’s popular best-in-class Dry Eye Zone treatments and diagnostics, as well as the Glasklar refillable lens cleaner and its pioneering opto-cosmetics range.

Magic Touch and the new catalogue can be accessed on the Positive Impact’s website

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