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External Eyelid Weights for the Treatment of Lagophthalmos

FCI Ophthalmics Announces FDA Clearance of Oculid Implantable and External Eyelid Weights for the Treatment of Lagophthalmos

FCI Ophthalmics announced that the FDA has cleared Oculid implantable and external lid weights indicated for the surgical and non-surgical treatment of lagophthalmos, respectively.
The Oculid Implantable Eyelid Weight range includes 20 gold and platinum lid weights ranging from 0.6g to 1.8g in 0.2g increments, with custom weights of 2.0g to 2.8g available upon request. Implantable gold weights with a 1mm profile are offered, in addition to a Slim line of both gold and platinum weights featuring a 40% thinner profile.
The Oculid External Eyelid Weight range includes 35 tantalum weights ranging from 0.6g to 1.6g in .2g increments, featuring five skin tone options to match a patient’s complexion and adhesive strips for fixation to the upper lid. This effective, non-surgical treatment is simple to use and apply, according to FCI Ophthalmics.
To complete the Oculid product line, FCI took the opportunity to upgrade the design of the Eyelid Weight Sizing Set to a modern, custom storage case containing seven tantalum sizing weights, skin tone selection card and adhesive strips.
“In adding Oculid to the FCI portfolio, we are strengthening our footprint in the industry and continue to be innovative and committed in manufacturing a broad range of accessories for the ophthalmic community,” Anthony Dauce, International Sales & Marketing Director, FCI, said in a company news release.
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