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Contract signed on ‘game-changing’ ocular cleanser

Contract signed on ‘game-changing’ ocular cleanser

Positive Impact has signed an agreement with Clinical Health Technologies (CHT) to be its exclusive distributor in the independent optometry sector for Purifeyes spray, which is seen as the next generation ocular and periocular cleanser.

Purifeye from Positive ImpactPurifeyes was co-developed by consultant ophthalmologists, Dr Jonathan Roos, a Cambridge PhD and former Harvard biology research fellow, and Dr Rachna Murthy, a consultant eye and plastic surgeon. It provides professional levels of eyelid and periocular hygiene, reducing microbial overgrowth, inflammation and long-term dry eye symptoms.

The solution cleanses, refreshes, soothes and hydrates, providing antimicrobial protection without the risk of microbial resistance. It cares for the delicate periocular skin, eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows for normal and sensitive eyes and is suitable for all ages.

Purifeyes can be used before contact lens insertion and removal, before and after sports, before lash and brow treatments and for daily hygiene. It can also be used for public transport/in-flight hydration and antimicrobial protection, as well as post periocular surgery aftercare.

The solution is easy to apply and can be sprayed directly onto the eye and surrounding area, or onto a cotton pad or gauze.

Purifeyes is recommended for the treatment, prevention and protection of eyelid margin inflammation which affects nearly all glaucoma patients on long term topical prostaglandin analogues, 60% of contact lens wearers and 85% of long-term VDU and digital device users.

Eyelid margin inflammation is also common in people who wear false eyelashes or have eyelash extensions and with the long-term use of oil-based eye makeup.

Purifeyes has the same PH as the ocular surface and is safe and well tolerated by the mucous membranes of the conjunctiva. It is clinically formulated, reviewed and endorsed by leading ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons.

Positive Impact’s Marketing and Professional Services Director, Nick Atkins, said: “I have long been aware of the antimicrobial benefits of hypochlorous acid for ocular and periocular hygiene. The challenge was finding the right product with the specific attributes of safety and efficacy we wanted.
With its low concentration and high purity formulation, Purifeyes is that product. It fills a gap in our Dry Eye Zone and dovetails perfectly with our range of lid cleaning products.”

Clinical Health Technologies’ Director, Ross Walker, said: “With its proven track record of sourcing and marketing a ‘Best in Class’ dry eye portfolio, Positive Impact ideally fitted CHT’s profile for a new partner in the optometric space.

“As importantly, the Positive Impact business is serviced by a team of experienced ophthalmic sales consultants covering much of the UK. I am delighted with this agreement and strongly believe it will benefit the business of all parties.”

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