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“ Clinical Insights” a clinical newsletter

“ Clinical Insights” a clinical newsletter

Dr Colin Parsloe

The Eye Doctor has launched its first ‘Clinical InSights’ newsletter to independent practices, highlighting the prominent issues surrounding dry eye disease. It features ophthalmologist and clinical adviser Dr Colin Parsloe, consultant eye surgeon Dr Fayyaz Musa and medical broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones.

The newsletter highlights that The Body Doctor company behind the Eye Doctor range is now celebrating its 10th year of supplying innovative solutions to the eyecare industry around the world, including eye compresses, lid wipes and eye drops.

In the publication, looking at if dry eye disease can cause blindness, Dr Parsloe highlights research and comments: “It is believed that having dry eye disease, and in particular severe dry eye disease, is a risk to developing corneal infections.”

He adds: “There is research showing that reducing the bacterial load in subjects with anterior blepharitis, or meibomian gland disease, significantly improved the clinical picture of the eyelid margin tissues, including the meibomian glands. It is argued that in order to treat meibomian gland disease, you need to reduce the bacterial load.”

Dr Parsloe concludes: “It is abundantly clear that the higher the bacterial load in the eye, the more likely it is that their dry eye disease will be more severe. We are therefore confident to say that the device with the lowest number of bacteria will be the best product to use.”

Dr Musa explains how bacteria can exacerbate dry eyes. “Medical studies have found that abnormal quantities of Staphylococci have been found in 50% of patients with dry eye. In normal patients this is only 8%,” he said.

Dr Jones emphasises the important role that eye masks play in the treatment of dry eye but warns that in reusable masks ‘there is always the risk of cross-contamination.’ He adds: “Just as all wearers of spectacles and contact lenses need to take careful precautions to look after their eyes, anyone using eye compresses should do likewise and choose the safest and most effective product.”

The newsletter points out that The Body Doctor is a winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation and reached another milestone last year when it was granted its patent for Sterileyes, an antibacterial shield on the Eye Doctor hot and cold compresses used to treat dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis.

In the publication, the company’s Head of Professional Services, Andrew Price, emphasises an important optical issue, warning practitioners: “There is now a wealth of evidence regarding the limited effectiveness of microwaving in reducing the range and concentration of potential pathogens.”

He concludes: “I have a duty to not only provide the safest, but also most effective, warm compress available to my patients, so I can only choose products with Sterileyes.”

The Body Doctor will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at 100% Optical on stand B218.

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