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A new monogram, incorporated as a pattern in the new temple inserts.

NIRVAN JAVAN, the designer presents the new monogram, incorporated as a pattern in the new temple inserts.

A stylistic world trip

NIRVAN JAVAN is on a stylistic world journey. The brand travels the world’s great metropolises, draws inspiration from them and transforms them into the eyewear frames. It is a journey without a defined end, characterized by constant discovery, ceaseless evolution and passionate creation.

The designer presents the latest product of this journey; the new Monogram.

The Monogram in the pattern

From a set of over 100 designs, the monogram has proven itself. But after several weeks of grueling work, the brand’s new pattern is ready to be presented.

N.J., the initials of the brand, are found in the new monogram of the brand. Dissolved into each other, interwoven into one entity, the two letters represent more than NIRVAN JAVAN’s pure design philosophy. It is an embodiment of the modern world, epitomized in the classic modern pattern. This is the cosmopolitan creed to which NIRVAN JAVAN is dedicated.

The monogram is more than a pattern. It is a part of the brand identity that will continue to line the NIRVAN JAVAN cosmos from now on.

The brand inlaid in the temple

One collection may already flaunt this evolutionary step. The MARRAKECH COLLECTION carries the monogram as a pattern in its temple inlays. This adds a new detail and history to the frames. The stylistic journey continues through a modern world.


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