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100% Optical/Ophthalmology 2024 ..How was it for you?

100% Optical/Ophthalmology 2024 ..How was it for you?

Love to hear your views but at Opchat News we found it exhilarating.

We have been media partners for 10 years and played a hand in nurturing the 100% concept from pop-up to a full sized international show.

Through lean pandemic years and those that followed the team has not been afraid to try out new ideas. This year is no exception, with the inclusion of Ophthalmology to the Optical brand.

This made perfect sense when optometry and ophthalmology in a climate whereby the natural forces of huge optical waiting lists are coming closer together.

There were a number of factors that we feel made a definite vibe change.

  • Some great siting of all stands into product service sectors.
    • Allowing large companies to fulfil their design dreams.
    • Giving new companies the opportunities to display their rarely seen products.
    • For the first time a real international feel to the show achieved by the team taking note of other shows in the world and reinventing our show (well done Celsa)

The ophthalmology sector addition for a soft start was very well attended particularly on Monday for ophthalmologists. The current interest shown in Myopia Management and Dry Eye was assisted very much by the inclusion of this profession as it brought other companies to the fore like Rayner with IOLs and Dry Eye supplements.

As with Myopia Control, a host of lens companies with specific products plus contact lenses like the Safilens with a Tyrosol nutrient added, to slow done the onset of axial growth as well as computerised myopia management concepts like that from Ocumetra.

And now the pandemic behaviour we all fell prey to has dissipated and finally we had a huge number of delegates who whether by luck or judgement spread themselves fairly evenly over all 3 days. And the vibe and networking among friends was the greatest we have ever seen in 10 years.

You weren’t there this time? Well take it from us old warriors of 10years of three-day campaigns for 100%, you missed the best ever so far.

Remember to save the dates for next year……..March 1st to the 3rd 2025. Be there for the fun, knowledge and camaraderie.