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Zoom on the round glasses at OKO by OKO

Zoom on the round glasses at OKO by OKO

Retro. Fashion. Timeless. For him.

Model: WILLY.

Willy by OKO by OKO specs Updated for its retro, vintage and elegant side, the round frame remains above all timeless. What could be more natural for an eyewear designer than to have one or more round models in its collection? Isn’t that the closest shape to the eye? Isn’t this the first shape of glasses to be found among the first opticians? In 2021, they are more popular than ever!

Customers continue to be won over by retro models.

The OKO by OKO brand is well aware of this and continues to release new models with a captivating vintage spirit. There is only one mantra for each new model: focus on timeless styles without forgetting the latest fashion trends.

With the new release WILLY – round stainless-steel frame with acetate tokens, we have a pure, elegant design but still in line with the brand’s distinctive “designer” line. These glasses will of course delight fans of frames that have character and style. Designer eyewear, yes, but accessible and affordable to all!

Wearing the WILLY glasses – it’s a real lifestyle. It means going beyond your own borders. It is to find a form of freedom. It’s about expressing your identity. It’s not just wearing a frame, it’s beyond that. It’s a fashion accessory, it is a statement of your own personality – unique and irreplaceable in each of us. And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, like if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: to allow the wearer to reveal himself and to dare to display his personality.

WILLY is available in 4 colours combinations – WILLY C01 (black / token striped tortoise) – WILLY C02 (burgundy / token dark tortoise) –

WILLY C03 (blue / token dark tortoise) – WILLY C04 (red / token blond tortoise)

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