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World Diabetes Day is 14th November

World Diabetes Day is 14th November 

THE importance of routine eye tests in helping spot the warning signs of diabetes is being highlighted as World Diabetes Day (14 November) is marked.

With 13.6 million people now at increased risk of diabetes in the UK[i], Specsavers says that community optometry has an important role to play in taking on the condition that can lead to visual impairment and blindness as a result of diabetic retinopathy.

‘Diabetes UK says more people than ever have diabetes and more people than ever are at risk of type 2 diabetes. If nothing changes, they predict that 5.5 million people will have diabetes in the UK by 2030,’ says Paul Morris, Director of Professional Advancement at Specsavers.

‘It underlines the seriousness of the situation, with diabetic retinopathy being a leading cause of visual impairment and blindness – especially in the working age population.’

He adds that being diagnosed early is important for all types of diabetes.

‘That’s where Specsavers comes in. As eye health experts we’re in a fantastic position to support by spotting the warning signs of diabetes and raising awareness that diabetic retinopathy is a life-changing complication of this disease.

‘In the last 12 months we have done some amazing work to assess more than 700,000 people with diabetes and referred 40,000 people for specialist diabetic management to help safeguard their sight.

‘Even if you have diabetes and in a retinal screening programme, regular eye tests are still vital as other conditions such as glaucoma can be spotted and managed.’

‘More than half of all sight loss can be avoided if detected and managed early, it underlines why having a regular eye test is so important, as the best way to protect sight for everyone.’



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