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Webinar on Dry Eye and Lid Hygiene

Webinar on Dry Eye and Lid Hygiene

Sarah Farrant
Positive Impact (PI) has released a webinar about dry eye and lid hygiene protocols featuring a leading national expert in therapeutics and dry eye management.

Sarah Farrant, who represents the UK as an ambassador for the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS), shares her best practice tips on the webinar. She discusses her experience with the NuLids electronic lid cleaning device, as well as how she has started incorporating the use of a new antimicrobial spray, Purifeyes, in practice. The webinar can be accessed here

Purifeyes employs an advanced proprietary hypochlorous technology to provide highly effective hygiene and protection, without causing irritation to the delicate ocular surface or periocular skin.

Purifeyes is a pH-balanced solution that represents a step-change in ocular and periocular hygiene and is recommended for the treatment and prevention of eyelid margin inflammation and protection from it.

PurifeyesDuring the webinar, PI’s Director of Marketing and Professional Services, Nick Atkins, discusses with Sarah the role and value of hypochlorous, as well as how it dovetails into her dry eye patients home care regimen.

Sarah explained that, while the mechanical action of using a lid cleaner dislodges eyelid debris, it does not address the cause of blepharitis. Adding an antimicrobial agent such as Purifeyes to the patient regimen, should work alongside a cleanser to reduce the bioburden contributing to eyelid inflammation and consequently, reduce symptoms.

Nick said: “Hypochorlous acid is the molecule naturally produced by neutrophils during the immune system’s innate response. Purifeyes uses an oxidising action which is highly effective and also non-cytotoxic, causing no harm to human skin, eyelashes or the ocular surface.

“Purifeyes’ manufacturing process is proprietary and results in an extremely pure hypochlorous solution at almost half the concentration of more conventionally produced competitors.”

To celebrate this recent addition to its best-in-class Dry Eye Zone product portfolio, PI is offering 10 packs of Purifeyes for the price of eight. A free sample is available on request for professional evaluation, while stocks last.

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