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Turning the spotlight on easy dry eye treatments  

Turning the spotlight on easy dry eye treatments  


The new Dry Eye KitThe Body Doctor Ltd, manufacturer of the Eye Doctor range of eye compresses, eye drops and eyelid wipes, will be highlighting the importance of good eyecare with the launch of its new Dry Eye Kit at The Pharmacy Show in October.

The Dry Eye Kit features three of the best-selling products in The Eye Doctor range. The kit is easy to dispense and enables a practitioner to satisfy their dry eye walk-ins and to help customers with dry, sore or gritty eyes. It offers the full recommended treatment but takes up less space on the shelf and is easy to sell.

The new pack includes The Eye Doctor’s Antibacterial Dry Eye Compress, Biodegradable Eyelid Wipes and Intensive Relief Eye Drops, which make up a recommended three-step eyecare regime of heat, cleanse and revive.

The Antibacterial Dry Eye Compress, Biodegradable Eyelid Wipes and Intensive Relief Eye Drops in the new kit are suitable for dry eye disease, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), blepharitis, chalazions and the associated symptoms of irritation and sore eyes. The compress can also be used for relieving inflammation from colds and to soothe headaches and migraines.

The compress features Sterileyes, an antibacterial shield permanently bound to the fabric fibres. The Sterileyes fabric is antimicrobial to the three leading causative microorganisms of eye infections and those associated with the development of dry eye.

Sterileyes is clinically proven to reduce potentially harmful bacteria remaining on the eye compress surface by up to 99.9% after use. The patented, stay fresh, skin-friendly technology inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria over the compress surface.

The Intensive Relief Eye Drops are preservative-free and contain 0.3% Sodium Hyaluronate which helps replenish the tear film and effectively relieves dry eyes. The Biodegradable Eyelid Wipes are fully biodegradable in natural environments and do not require recycling.

The Body Doctor Ltd has created a mock-up dry eye store for the Pharmacy Show at the NEC Birmingham from October 15-16 on stand K50.

The Body Doctor’s Sales and Marketing Director, Sam Wymer, explained: “We have been building The Eye Doctor brand for the treatment of dry eye and blepharitis in the optical sector for just over 10 years. We feel that now is the right time to unleash this incredibly successful brand into the pharmacy sector and there is no better time to do it than at the Pharmacy Show. We are incredibly excited to see how it performs and, of course, gain valuable feedback.

“We are excited to be launching our Dry Eye Kit, the latest addition into the portfolio which is designed to make dispensing eyecare products as easy as possible while delivering the key three steps in treatment while driving additional revenue through store. The kit offers patients a full, heat, cleanse and revive regime in one dispensing sale.”

The new Dry Eye Kit can be seen by optical practitioners at 100% Optical next year on The Body Doctor Ltd’s stand M450.

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