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Three new models for the ART OF MINIMALISM DI DANSHARI

Three new models for the ART OF MINIMALISM DI DANSHARI

Two-tone colouring in nuance, a new integrated flex hinge and titanium nose pads for an extremely comfortable fit

POW by Danshari

Danshari, the Made in Japan eyewear brand inspired by the Zen philosophy and the concepts of essentiality and minimalism, is releasing three new models Blam, Pow and I-ching which will be part of the collection Art of Minimalism.

Eyewear with a refined, elegant, and minimalist allure, with great personality, extremely light and resistant, thanks to the choice of top-quality materials and cutting-edge craftmanship.

These three new frames are characterized by the new integrated titanium hinge “Danflex”, patented by Danshari, which gives greater comfort to the fitting.
In the models Blam and Pow the nose pads are made of titanium and have an original ergonomic design that adds a particular aesthetic to an optimal fit.

The essential lines of Blam and Pow, unisex models, reveal the refined titanium crafting with delicate incisions that run on the bridge and along the temples starting from the end piece. The rims are coloured with PWD, an exclusive process that allows the titanium to be coloured without the risk of scratches or exfoliation.
I-ching, also a unisex model, is inspired by the classic panthos shape, combining the acetate rims and the titanium bridge. The fusion of materials and colours make this model extremely elegant.

Blam with Danflex Hinge

Danshari – eyewear brand Made in Japan, created by Giuseppe La Boria – made its debut on the market at the beginning of 2020 with an exclusive collection made of acetate and pure Japanese titanium. Danshari offers extremely light and flexible frames, with a refined and elegant design. In line with the Zen Minimalist philosophy that inspires the brand, the collection is designed to offer the consumers timeless eyewear capable of satisfying their only true desire: the natural need for beauty, quality, and essentiality.
“Armenian soul” is the new Dansharian collection, launched in 2022, designed and signed by Alain Miklitarian – the creative genius who revolutionised the concept of eyewear – and produced by Danshari.

Danshari also distributes Hilx, a sporting brand with an ultra-light design and an innovative multi-directional hinge that guarantees comfort during any type of movement.


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