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SynergEyes hybrid contact lens has a new iD

SynergEyes hybrid contact lens has a new iD

Positive Impact has announced the UK launch of what is seen as the next generation of hybrid contact lenses, SynergEyes iD, which are viewed as a breakthrough in contact lens design for people with astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia or myopia.

The new contact lenses include a multifocal which is powered by a proprietary Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI), with proven multifocal optics providing patients with a clear visual experience that transitions smoothly through all distances.

SynergEyes iD hybrid lenses are individually designed to each patient’s unique ocular measurements utilising keratometry and horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) readings, plus refraction, to personalise precise lens parameters. A patient’s unique corneal diameter and curvature drive the specific lens design, with new skirts following the linear shape of the sclera so there is no need to choose between fixed skirt or base curve options.

The new lenses are empirically fitted, eliminating the need for multi-use diagnostic fitting sets and trial lens application, while also reducing chair and contact time. Positive Impact highlights that the streamlined fitting experience enables practitioners to prescribe contact lenses more efficiently, with the SynergEyes iD Patient Application and Removal Resources contributing to increased patient success.

Positive Impact’s professional services lead, Phil Thompson, said: “iD stands for individual design and builds on the successful Duette lens, enhancing this design by using a more custom-made approach to get the optimum fit. For example, there are now four times the number of skirt designs alone, yet at the same time, the lens is even easier to fit, with no need for fitting sets.


“Fitting is now completely empirical with the practitioner simply providing refraction, keratometry readings and HVID measurements. Most exciting of all though, is the incorporation of extended depth of focus into the multifocal, powered by the proprietary BHVI design.

“Our Early Access Programme for UK practitioners is already achieving great results, in line with our US colleagues,” he concluded.

SynergEyes iD’s base curve is available from 7.10 to 8.30mm in increments of 0.01mm. The skirt is available to accommodate a HVID range of 10.0 to 13.0mm.

The single vision lens power range is -15.00D to +10.00D. The multifocal ranges from -10.00D to +5.50D and this EDOF lens comes in three designs to accommodate low, medium and high add powers.

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