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Streaming in biometric education at ABDO College 

Streaming in biometric education at ABDO College 

The first educational Biometric Intelligent Glasses (B.I.G.) Vision Airstream event was held by Rodenstock UK at ABDO College earlier this month (15 March) to teach students about the latest technology, which recognises the importance of biometrics for precision vision correction.

UK’s head of professional services, Andrew Copley
, told students that the standard values of most lens manufacturers only suit two per cent of eyes, leaving 98 per cent of progressive lens wearers with glasses that do not fit their eyes precisely.

Mr Copley explained that Rodenstock aimed to remove as many assumptions as possible and was the first company to measure the individual eye, developing its pioneering DNEye Scanner to capture thousands of relevant measuring points. Combined with the standard prescription values, the unique biometric data flows directly into the production of the patient’s progressive lenses to create their Biometric Intelligent Glasses (B.I.G.).

Up to 25 third-year FBDO students got to experience the technology for themselves in the American travel trailer and in the College’s Orangery, with the eye dimension scanning often revealing surprising results such as hitherto unknown ‘nighttime myopia’.

The inaugural Airstream event was such a success that it is being repeated at the College next month, and students will also be visiting Rodenstock UK’s headquarters in Dartford for an educational lens lab tour later in the year.

“It was great to meet some of the students at ABDO College and to introduce them to some of the Rodenstock team,” said Mr Copley. “The enthusiasm of the students and their willingness to learn was great to both see and experience. We hope they all enjoyed their afternoon as much as we did and we can’t wait to visit again.”

ABDO College principal, Nina McDermott, said: “It was wonderful to welcome Rodenstock to the College and a great example of bringing to life what our students are learning with us. Our students were wowed by the visit and engagement from the Rodenstock team. We’re looking forward to welcoming Rodenstock back in a few weeks’ time to meet more of our students.”