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Sight and Sound Technology announce Oxsight Onyx

Sight and Sound Technology announce Oxsight Onyx

The OXSIGHT Onyx has been developed with customer experience at its heart.
Designed for any occasion, the smart glasses can offer constant use by attaching the arms and support band, which is ideal for activities such as watching TV.

For occasional use a lanyard is supplied, meaning you can easily reach the device to look closely at an object or piece of text, such as when you’re cooking from a recipe.  It’s also discreet enough to tuck away into a bag or pocket and use on demand, for example to read a menu in a restaurant.

  • Powerful 8x magnification
  • High contrast filters to enhance images
  • Capture and explore paused images
  • Automatic night mode
  • Face recognition with tracking and auto zoom
  • Object detection
  • TV/Screen watching mode
  • Bright and wide OLED screens
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Wide 70 degree field of view
  • A range of effects to improve contrast and visibility
  • Automatic power saving for longer battery life
  • Up to 90 min continual use
  • Continual use with USB power bank (not supplied)
  • Fast charge, approximately 1 hour to full battery
  • Up to 1 week battery life in standby mode
  • Simple and clear user interface
  • Easy to charge with large USB-C plug
  • Haptic feedback on button presses
  • Customisable button arrangement
How does OXSIGHT Onyx work?

Oxsight Onyx

The smart glasses work by capturing an image with the inbuilt camera, processing and enhancing it using the onboard computer and displaying it on bright, colour-rich OLED screens within the smart glasses. This image is then visible to the part of the eye with suitable remaining vision.

How will it help with my Central Vision Loss?
OXSIGHT Onyx smart glasses allow you to zoom into an image, making it clearer and bigger. Using the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, the onboard computer simultaneously processes the image and can help you to better identify faces, text and objects.
Through extensive testing, Sight & Sound have found users experience::
  • Improved ability to read and identify text
  • Improved ability to recognise faces
  • Improved TV and screen watching
  • Improved readability of mobile phone screens
  • Increased independence across a range of daily tasks
  • Better low light vision
The greatest benefits were experienced by those with the lowest visual acuity. You can see this amazing device on the Sight and Sound Stand at 100% Optical
VisionBridge, a charity supported by Opchat News and a media partner has supported  iSight and Sound Technology (SST) which continues to widen access to appropriate vi assistive technology and hunt for the very best wearables, portables, solutions and apps which can improve the quality of life for those experiencing sight loss, visual processing and related sensory challenges.
Visionbridge founder Julian Jackson commented, ” I urge all leaders of patient support groups and professionals across education, social care and eye/healthcare/voluntary/community sectors to speak to their members, patients, clients and those in their care, about this remarkably innovative new low vision device.”
“VisionBridge supports any disruptive technology that can improve the independence, mobility, connectivity, confidence, educational and employment opportunities, mental health and emotional-wellbeing of anyone experiencing sight-loss. We feel that the Oxsight Onyx really ticks all these boxes! “
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