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Shamir launches new lens coating – Glacier Expression™

Shamir launches new lens coating – Glacier Expression™


Unmatched clarity, improved quality of vision, scores 96% satisfaction!

Continuing to develop and expand its line of Glacier lens coatings, Shamir has launched its latest innovation – Shamir Glacier Expression™. This new coating provides an astonishing level of clarity, devoid of disturbing reflections, for improved quality of vision. Based on internal comparative tests with Shamir’s standard premium anti-reflective lenses, results demonstrated that Shamir Glacier Expression™ provides 70% less reflection and 20% better contrast. Similarly, in a comparative survey of lens coatings conducted among over 100 eye care professionals worldwide, 96% chose Glacier Expression™ for overall satisfaction, making it the clear winner.  More than that, research shows it improves quality of personal interaction, offering a total see-better, look-better, feel-better experience.

Shamir conducted extensive research involving 1200 respondents in the US, which found that when reading a person’s reactions and expressions the focus is increasingly on the eyes. Shamir then went on to test the face-to-face reactions to people wearing Shamir’s standard premium anti-reflective lenses, as opposed to those wearing Shamir Glacier Expression™ lenses, the results were unequivocal. Wearers of Glacier Expression™ were deemed to be more trustworthy, more likeable, and elicited more empathy, these results were mirrored for virtual interactions also. Plus those wearing Shamir Glacier Expression™ lenses reported feeling they could see more clearly, experienced more comfortable vision, and felt more relaxed. Bottom line – Shamir Glacier Expression™ enhances people’s ability to connect, which is so important in today’s virtual world.

Shamir’s Glacier Expression™ is based on its latest proprietary technology, LayerCalc™, developed through extensive R&D in multi-layered lens coatings. This new technology allows the addition of extra layers, each with a refractive index precision calculated to a specific light wavelength and targeting those to which the eye is most sensitive. Despite added layers, the same coating thickness and level of durability are maintained, while reflection is minimised to a new level of control, and light transmission is maximised.

Diminished reflection, together with increased light transmission through the lens, gives Glacier Expression 25% improved contrast sensitivity over standard Glacier premium AR coatings, enabling sharper vision with improved detail resolution. Continuing this lens comparison, clinical research revealed that this also results in 50% improved reaction times, so important when driving or engaging in similarly demanding activities. Due to its heightened clarity, Shamir Glacier Expression™ also reduces visual background noise, thereby increasing SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and helping to reduce eyestrain and visual fatigue. Finally, Shamir Glacier Expression™ also includes extra UV protection from both incoming light and that reflected off the inner surface of the lens.

Today’s most advanced lens coating, Shamir’s Glacier Expression™ offers a see-better, look-better, feel-better, and even connect-with-others-better lens for today’s challenging world. Available now from Shamir UK.



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