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A Pattern Emerges at Stepper 

A Pattern Emerges at Stepper 

One appeal of a brand is certainty, that is its ability to deliver a recognised quality or performance each and every time we encounter it. That guarantee of the brand attribute we recognise is one of the reasons we give brands our loyalty and purchase multiple times.

‘With STEPPER EYEWEAR, our recognised brand attribute is comfort through great fit,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK LTD. ‘Once you understand the impact comfort has on the wearer satisfaction, you realise why this has always been the goal of our founder Hans Stepper.’

‘But we like our eyewear a little gilded’, adds Peter. ‘The more details and enhancements you give to a frame, the heavier and more uncomfortable it may become.’ Not so with the SI-30179.

This is a classic STEPPER plastic frame with the renowned bridge fit. The styling has a hint of ‘retro’ but advanced injection technology and innovative TX5 material allows for svelte lines with built-in strength, flexibility and a weight 25% less than would be possible with conventional acetate material.

‘After its attractive shape, the next thing you notice about this frame is its intriguing pattern and colours,’ adds Peter. What looks like a modern twist on the timeless Argyle pattern creates subtle visual interest in a warm palette of colours. Rather than emphasising the retro look, this design is totally up to date giving the frame a confident and relevant character. ‘An intriguing pattern from a brand with a pattern of satisfaction,’ concludes Peter.

At the temples Titanium breaks the pattern and texture, adding sophistication and visual interest. With both TX5 and Titanium having weight advantages over alternative materials, the frame weighs in comfortably under 10g.

For the UK market, grey/burgundy, red, rose/grey and blue colour options are available in size 53-16.


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