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SEE Summit on the Environment on 3 October 2022. 

SEE Summit on the Environment on 3 October 2022. 

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Professional bodies and organisations from across the optical community are speaking up in support of the second SEE Summit on the Environment on 3 October 2022.
This online evening event which is open to all will bring together progress on Social, Ethical and Environmental (SEE) issues.
Supporters of the event are as follows:

ACLM General Secretary Simon Rodwell
At a difficult time due to world events the UK optical sector is doing its utmost to be a beacon of good practice in sustainability. Manufacturers, representative bodies and practitioners are all embracing the subject wherever possible, but clearly that is not enough when the country as a whole seems to be falling behind the curve for the ultimate target of Net Zero. We are micro-players and polluters and in a marathon, not a sprint, so perhaps some of our energies should now be directed towards targeting and trying to influence (in our small way) suppliers in sectors outside optics who are failing to do their bit.  The list is endless, of course, but it is ultimately the big players, at least those who are sensitive to public opinion, who are going to make the most difference.
AOP Chief Executive Adam Sampson

The SEE Summit 2022 is an opportunity to recognise the immediate action the sector must take to respond to the issues of sustainability and climate change. We’ve made a long-term commitment, alongside our sector colleagues, to continually support our members to find ethical and sustainable solutions that reduce waste and the environmental impact of our industry. It is these cross-sector collaborations that will lead to effective and meaningful change.

AIO President Dr Christian French

Dr Christian French

AIO is delighted to be part of the second SEE Summit on the Environment, and in particular to focus on promoting environmental sustainability to all of its members. There is huge value in sharing good practice and case studies to bring the subject to life for members and their practices, and help them to play their part.’

Chief Executive Luke Stevens-Burt, BCLA 

The BCLA is highly supportive of the SEE Summit for the second year running. Environmental and sustainability issues are everyone’s responsibility and it is important that as a profession we recognise our role in making positive changes in this important area.

Ian Humphreys, Chief Executive, the College of Optometrists 

We’re proud to support this year’s SEE Summit and its aim to increase awareness and engagement with environmental sustainability initiatives. I’m excited to hear about all the great work taking place, and I hope it inspires our members and many more across the eye care sector to come together as we work towards a greener, brighter future for all.


ECOO is committed to providing information and resources for members on environmental sustainability. These can then be used to help optical practices and professionals across Europe, better understand the issues, how they may relate to eye care, and what steps they can take to address these concerns in their own practice.
Harjit Sandhu, FODO
Providing care closer to home is what patients want and means lower emissions when travelling to healthcare appointments. Patients are also much more sensitive about environmental issues and open to guidance about how to reduce their impacts. So FODO members in primary eye care are well placed to lead on tackling climate change as part of the sector-wide programme.
At FODO itself we are also setting an example. We have pushed for a paperless operating model, our staff use public transport or cycle to work, we limit international work meetings, and have switched to hybrid working at a much more fuel-efficient head office.
Leonie Milliner, GOC Chief Executive and Registrar

We welcome the forthcoming Social, Ethical and Environmental summit, which is now in its second consecutive year. It’s important for the sector to take an environmentally responsible approach to its activities and the GOC is committed to doing the same. There were some really positive initiatives that came from last year’s event, and I am looking forward to seeing what the sector can achieve when coming together again for this year’s event.
Jayne Abel, Chair of the OSA Sustainability Committee
Our work in the past year has brought positivity and optimism, and it is inspiring to see cooperation across the entire optical community to learn about sustainable practice and embrace rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. From significant reductions in packaging and single-use plastic to carbon-reducing strategies in manufacture and freight and eco-material innovation in product development, there have never been more tools available. The OSA Sustainable Glossary and Green Charter are ideal places to start.

We are very much looking forward to the forthcoming SEE Summit; each one is a milestone in our industry’s collaborative journey to find green solutions. The more organisations join the conversation, the more we will need to drive the sustainability agenda forward as leaders but we see that as a happy challenge. Our vision for sustainability is simply to leave things better than we find them and every time a member shares their expertise and insight, we are a step closer to achieving this ambition.

John French, SightCare 
SightCare believes that achieving environmentally sustainability will enhance the independent optical practice’s reputation as a responsible, sustainability-focused sector with patients, consumers and employees alike. Supporting cross-sector collaboration on the issues of sustainability and climate change aligns with SightCare’s strategy and that of its members. We are committed to working with the optical bodies to help inform, educate and support their members towards reducing waste and develop sustainable ways of practice. We support the 2022 SEE Summit and it aims to raise awareness of how eye care practitioners, optical practices and the industry can work in a more sustainable way and inspire and enable them to do so.
If you would like to attend book at Monday 3 October 2022 from 7 to 8.30pm 
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