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Restorative eyelash serum launched for dry eye patients

Restorative eyelash serum launched for dry eye patients

Positive Impact has launched a new optocosmetic, Lash Builder, a restorative serum for the loss of eyelashes and eyelash condition which can result from long-term dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and blepharitis.

Lash Builder has been developed by optometrist Craig Wilcox, the maker of the foaming cleanser DemEx, who created the serum for use in his specialist dry eye practice and now it is available to other eyecare professionals.

The new serum has been expertly formulated to be free from harsh ingredients which can make dry eye symptoms worse such as benzalkonium chloride (BAK), prostaglandin analogue-based active ingredients (PGA), or their synthetic derivatives. It also contains no formaldehyde-releasing ingredients and no parabens.

The innovative formulation contains active ingredients which impact eyelash loss and support new growth, including red clover extract, which is rich in isoflavones and a biomimetic peptide, acetyl tetrapeptide 3, which helps promote stronger hair follicles.

Patients are often unaware that some eyelash treatments can make their symptoms worse as they contain ingredients such as bimatoprost which is also used in glaucoma medicine but as a prostaglandin, it has been shown to cause eye irritation.

Craig Wilcox explained: “This is about ensuring the best outcomes for patients and taking a more holistic view. Chronic dry eye disease, MGD and blepharitis cause loss of lash condition which impacts the emotional wellbeing of my patients.

“We created Lash Builder for this reason, as well as to offer patients an alternative to succumbing to the marketing for online and over-the-counter lash serums, which often contain harmful chemicals that also exacerbate their condition.”

With the loss of eyelashes compounded by the fashion for stick-on eyelashes and lash extensions, Positive Impact’s aim is to give independents a safer lash serum to recommend.

Positive Impact’s Sales and Operations Director, Maxine Green, said: “We already sell Craig’s DemEx eyelid cleanser and so we were naturally interested in the benefits Lash Builder could bring to our independent customers.

“Having launched a range of optocosmetics earlier this year, Lash Builder enables us to offer practitioners the opportunity to take a more holistic approach to patient care. Practitioners need to consider advising patients, not just on their treatment, but also what they need to know about the potential harm their current cosmetics can do to their eyes, and then recommend alternatives.”

Lash Builder is easy to use as patients apply it to their clean eyelids before bed and rinse it off in the morning as part of their usual routine. Eyelash improvements are seen after just six weeks.

Lash Builder is exclusively available from Positive Impact as part of its Dry Eye Zone, a best-in-class portfolio of dry eye diagnostics and its Circle-of-Care treatment options. The Dry Eye Zone will be at 100% Optical in February.


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