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President of ISD-DE to lecture at 100% Ophthalmology Hub

Miss Jane Olver FRCS FRCOphth
 Medical Director & Consultant Ophthalmologist Oculoplastic Surgeon Clinica London

Will be presenting a Masterclass on Watering Eyes are Dry Eyes. titled:

“Masterclass – Management of the patient with Watery and Dry eyes”

Ophthalmology Theatre between 1400 – 1500hrs

Monday 26th February Duration 1 Hour 

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to manage patients with watery and dry eyes.

  • Review the current definitions of dry eyes
    ·       The anatomy and physiology of watery eyes
    ·       Understand why a patient with a dry eye can present with a watering eye
    ·       Introduction of lacrimal paradox and lacrimal vicious circle
    ·       How to assess a patient with a watery and/or dry eye
    ·       Updates on treatments for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction.

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Miss Jane Olver, the Founder and Medical Director of Clinica and the co-founder of the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society (BOPSS).

Jane  is currently President of the ISD-DE who are holding an International Conference on behalf of the International Society of Dacryology and Dry Eye between May 29th and 31st of May in London at the County Hall.

Come and hear and meet Miss Olver at the Ophthalmology Theatre and find out more about the conference which encourages optometric participation.

Clinica London Academy produces a season of free Masterclass webinars which are particularly designed for Optometric participation

Find out how you can register for the Academy Programme at Excel  

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