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Presenting the first HAVN releases of 2022 from Ørgreen

Presenting the first HAVN releases of 2022 from Ørgreen

Ørgreen’s playful stainless steel HAVN collection has been expanded with four new creative additions; Evergreen and Baroness for women and men’s shapes Getaway and Triton. The new styles remix the step- down frame-in-frame aesthetic and introduce colorations of vibrant hues and tonal contrast.

HAVN | SPRING 2022 With HAVN, Ørgreen has created a collection that embodies playfulness and quality, by combining expertise with strong silhouettes and a signature metal rim feature on each frame. While style names are taken from boats and yachts, HAVN is entitled after Ørgreen’s local headquarters area, Christianshavn, referencing the brand’s Copenhagen roots.

Creative use of color and a new take on the HAVN collection’s distincitive stepped construction show Ørgreen’s spirited and mischievous side in four new shapes. The familiar full circle step-down attribute of previous collections, has been revamped for the Spring 22 launch, introducing interrupted and architectural lines that emphasize proportions and profiles.

The low-slung, masculine rectangular shape of Getaway is an Ørgreen staple, and has been reinterpreted with a step-down detail which tracks the upper brow sections, accentuating its sturdy design. Women’s shape Evergreen is defined by contrast. The soft almond shape is juxtaposed with straight lines and an open step-down element that allows the colors to float from the front into the temples, creating an interplay of contradictory hues and a highlight effect similar to eye make-up.

Like their family members, the new HAVN additions sport a range of uplifting hues. Celebrating life with colors such as the zesty orange of Triton or the cheerful mat rose of Baroness. Energetic nuances combined with step-down lines in quiet shades of mat brown, gold and graphite making for a balanced, exclusive look.


Baroness S038

Baroness makes the most of its distinctive step-down detailing around the eye shape and through the bridge: a subtle contrast between colors adds an uplifting illusion to the face, much like wearing make-up! With its rectangular cat-eye style, this frame compliments medium to large faces, its feminine features further extended by its minimal temple design, turned end pieces, as well as silicone nose pads and end-tips.


Evergreen extends its daring architectural features from the top corners of the eye shapes towards its slim temples and dramatic 90-degree end-pieces. An interplay between bright and dark hues interrupts these elegant lines in a step- down effect on the upper corners, working to lift and extend the face just like eye make-up. This highly feminine almond shape optical frame communicates an understated luxury and will suit medium to large faces in particular.


A part of our HAVN series, Getaway is a fresh take on one of Ørgreen’s most iconic styles: a rectangular masculine shape with a drop bridge detail.

Modernized in a bright range of colors and with a step-up detail in the top bar emphasizing the shape, this optical frame is both accessible and highly modern, eased by exclusive design details such as Ørgreen’s signature turned end- pieces, extra minimal temple design, as well as silicone nose pads and end-tips.


Getaway S002


Triton is a medium-size, panto-style optical frame, a masculine younger brother to our iconic titanium Favo frame, a brand bestseller. Here, the modern W-shaped bridge and step-up detailing on the high rim is rendered in a range of subtle hues developed by our in-house colorist, and comes complete with our signature turned end-pieces and minimal silicon nose pads and end-tips.

Triton builds on the success of Favo’s fresh take on masculinity and modernizes it further with the use of stainless steel.


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