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Precision Tooling, for all solutions available from Dibble 

Precision Tooling, for all solutions available from Dibble


Pliers from Dibble Optical Workshop


Fitting, adjusting, and repairing frames are important skills for anyone working in an optical setting and therefore it’s important to ensure the proper tools are available for use. Whether you are carrying out a simple screw replacement or a major repair to a spectacle frame, it’s essential to have a quality tool for the job at hand.

The Dibble Optical Workshop catalogue covers almost every aspect of spectacle manufacture, repair, and adjustment, including a large range of quality tooling, lab consumables and spectacle frame components.

Featured are a wide-ranging selection of high-quality precision tooling needed to carry out a professional repair. Pliers and cutters in all different shapes and sizes that are specifically designed to adjust spectacles without damaging them, many useful screws and tool kits to repair and fix spectacles whilst preventing hand strain, along with an extensive selection of reamers, files, taps and drills, ideal for many applications.


A dedicated B&S workshop catalogue for 2020/21 is readily available online and includes this extensive product range with detailed options.