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Posthumous IOA Award for Bernard Maitenaz

Posthumous IOA Award for Bernard Maitenaz

The International Opticians Association has celebrated the achievements of Bernard Maitenaz in a ceremony which took place in Paris.

Bernard Maitenaz RIPBernard Maitenaz made a ground-breaking contribution in developing Varilux, leaving an enduring influence on the optical profession and making a lasting and permanent mark on the visual well-being of spectacle wearers around the world.

The ceremony was attended by a host of dignitaries from the world of optics, as well as Benoit Maitenaz and Alban Maitenaz, son and grandson of Bernard.

The IOA is a forum for optical professionals, partners in the optical sector and educators, dedicated to the enhancement and development of the optical profession around the world with 18,500 members in over 40 countries.

Elaine Grisdale, Director of Development for the International Opticians Association said, “We are all here because we share much affection for Bernard, and this is under-pinned by a real sense of gratitude. He is special to both opticians and presbyopes throughout the world and probably even more important to presbyopic opticians!

“I am proud to be able to hand over the award – the IOA’s Special Recognition award in memory of a truly great man. Bernard never underestimated the work of the optician – they were the last piece of his Varilux jigsaw.

“Bernard was an innovator, and his innovation was something that has revolutionized people’s lives along with the whole sector. It has made the whole of the optical sector infinitely more interesting. Varilux added to the technical accomplishments of professionals worldwide – it was a joy to be able to use our skills, to take more complicated measurements, to choose the frame that would be the best adapted for the lenses and to be able to recommend a more effective vision solution to our patients.”

The IOA Special Recognition Award citation reads – “This certificate has been awarded to Bernard Maitenaz in recognition of his groundbreaking and enduring influence on the optical profession and to the visual well-being of spectacle wearers around the world.”

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