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Forward looking practices to plan for 5 years at 100% optical

Forward looking practices to plan for 5 years at 100% optical

The OSA is urging practices to adopt a forward-thinking approach and to make investment decisions for a five-year business plan, as the industry and profession meet at 100% Optical 24-26 February.

Frost Optical Director, David Brown said he had personal experience of making a business plan for his optical service company, and could identify with the challenge for practices –

“It seemed a scary proposition but we had markers to meet and growth plans.  We moved premises and had the cost of kitting out the new building.  It is important to review monthly and see the importance of setting out your goals year by year and questioning yourself when you don’t hit those targets.”

He promoted the idea of getting someone in the business to set out the spreadsheets and know what targets need to be met, and when –

“As a business supporting opticians we aim to ensure there are not large costs hitting you, and we provide a maintenance and callibration certification, with checks on technology and advice on replacements,” added David.

Mainline Optical General Manager, Tanya Storey, also urged optical businesses to plan ahead –

“By committing to a comprehensive five-year plan, you not only secure cutting-edge equipment but also mitigate hidden costs associated with service and maintenance. Our offerings span from a full-scale wholesale equipment upgrade to innovative hybrid solutions.

“Embrace the larger vision, and let our tailored solutions propel your business towards a future of sustained success, all while minimizing the total cost of equipment ownership,” she added.

Cerium is keen to help practices to widen referral streams, make community links, retain patients and encourage staff development, says Claire Millar, Cerium Managing Director.

The company’s latest model Colorimeter – the Wave – is the culmination of 30 years’ experience, bringing together innovative software and improved usability, with the company’s experience to draw upon.

“Practices need only prescribe a single pair of Cerium precision tinted lenses each week to see the return on their investment in just over six months. Ongoing colorimetry income then becomes clear profit. The business case speaks for itself,” said Claire.

Millmead Optical Group is looking forward to the decade ahead with its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness firmly established, and confirmed by its B Corp Certification, said CEO James Conway.

“We strive to set an example, showing that business success and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand, especially with eco-conscious brands like Cameo Sustain and UK-manufactured Optoplast rPET spectacle cases. We invite everyone to join us in reducing the optical industry’s environmental impact,” he added.

HOYA Vision Care’s team will be on hand to discuss their Visionary Alliance programme which offers incentives, training and business support to independent eye care professionals who are looking to plan ahead, said Dale Hughes, Head of Hoya Marketing.

The Hoya team will also be guiding practitioners through the LENSTAR Myopia management lens, the MiYOSMART with photochromic and polarised options, plus unveiling its most advanced coating – Hi Vision Meiryo –

“This brings exceptional clarity, very low reflectance and enhanced scratch resistance, with excellent water repellence, 100% UV protection and a specialised anti-static layer. Hi Vision Meriyo lenses can take almost anything life throws at them,” said Dale.

Maximising revenue and enhancing the competitive edge can be greatly enhanced by investing in a 5-year plan for a dry a Dry Eye Clinic which includes at-home maintenance products, believes The Body Doctor’s Sales and Marketing Director, Sam Wymer.

Help with identifying customers, guidance and expert advice can help optical practices to become a fully functional Dry Eye clinic within 30 days, believes The Body Doctor.

Don’t forget to plan your route at 100% Optical in just 4 weeks to visit the OSA members stands.

You can find a list of OSA members and many detailed previews on the Opchat Preview Pages 2024 

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