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Opchat Lecture Series warmly welcomed by 100% attendees

Opchat Lecture Series warmly welcomed by 100% attendees


“People in the news, live at 100% Optical” was the platform that PHN’s Opchat News with the assistance of the Optical Suppliers Association’s stage brought to the show.

Lisa Donaldson

Our first speaker on Saturday was Lisa Donaldson, Head of Vision at SeeAbility who discussed the importance of extensive screening and proper examining of children especially those with learning difficulties.

Those with LD have more than a 7 times chance of a vision defect, low convergence, poor visual acuities with an undiagnosed refraction problem or low accommodation.

We were amazed to hear that many dyslexics have been diagnosed annually for 3 years and more by educational psychiatrists and yet have never had an eye examination.

In a full 50-minute lecture Lisa gave a complete round up of Children’s eyecare which is definitely our responsibility to provide the services needed. Telling a child’s parents to bring a small child back when they can read is not an option, hidden refraction and visual problems might mean they never will be able to read successfully!


l-r Chris,Phil,Georgina and Christian

Our second lecture was from Christian French, chair of AIO and an Independent practitioner extolling the virtues of working for yourself in practice. The lecture and workshop attended by Phil Mullens (NEG), Georgina Myers (Director Myers La Roche), Chris Clemence (Eyeplan) and Christian was introduced and chaired by Bob Hutchinson (Opchat News Owner and Editor).

After Christian’s introductory tour of how he practices Bob explained how this model was one of many routes independent practice can take, but what all types of independent practitioners always display was the sheer exuberance and self-satisfaction that Christian displayed today.

The panel took many questions from those looking to leave employment and become independent owners.

Finally, a long-term friend of the editor Julian Jackson, founder and owner of VisionBridge and totally blind with RP since 2010 introduced us to some amazing and available assistive technology which is available for the visually impaired. He explained how important it is for the research which is progressing at speed must connect to the end users and providers who have the understanding of how to introduce the right tech to the right recipient.

Julian has extensively reviewed the providers and has found that Sight and Sound Technology provides exactly this service at present and is looking for others in the industry who might provide the same service.

But ecps cam provide that vital link between the patient and the tech by guiding Vi’s to the appropriate assistance.

Julian’s lecture was followed by an amazing series of video clips showing the latest in some simple and some complex technology that is available now .

“I would like to thank the OSA for providing Opchat News with a stage over all 3 days to share our newsmakers knowledge to some of our 8000 readers who attended the show.” Said Bob Hutchinson,