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New speakers for the SEE Summit

New speakers for the SEE Summit

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) has announced two new speakers for the SEE Summit, dispensing optician Millie Fellows and Dr Angela Smith of ASDA Opticians. 

Millie is a dispensing optician from Oxfordshire and an experienced practice leader of over 25 years. She will be talking about sustainability for LOCs.

Millie says, “I am thrilled to have been invited to talk about sustainability within our LOCs. LOCs are in a prime position to establish a direction, gather and exchange ideas and inspire action. There’s a lot of work ahead and so much more to come!”

Dr Angela Smith started her career as a research scientist on a project in the early stages of replacing petrochemicals with renewable equivalents. She has since led various sustainability projects within R&D and manufacturing for various sectors and is now is in charge of optical procurement for ASDA.

Angela says, “With my 23 years of experience on sustainability projects, I have three beliefs that I feel passionately about:

  1. We cannot wait any longer to make changes that reduce our impact on the planet
  2. We will only make significant improvements if companies work together
  3. There is no one big change that will improve the planet’s outlook, absolutely everything we do/sell needs reviewing and improving where possible

“At this summit I will be giving a few examples of changes we’ve made at Asda Opticians; some may inspire changes you can make in your businesses.”

Angela will be discussing creating change for the better.

“All businesses need to make similar changes in order to protect our planet for future generations. To do this time efficiently and cost effectively we must share best practices and make industry-wide changes together.”

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