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New Rinascimento

New Rinascimento

The new LOOK-made in Italia communication campaign

Light always comes after darkness, a new day always comes after the night. LOOK-made in Italia wishes to convey a message of optimism and hope with its new communication campaign NEW RINASCIMENTO: the name immediately brings to mind the period marking the transition from the Middle Ages to Renaissance, which today means rebirth after the global pandemic that broke out two years ago.

Like a new day that comes after centuries of hardship and cultural impoverishment, the Renaissance began in Italy, specifically in Florence, and then spread across Europe. Likewise, today we are called to start living again with full awareness and renewed optimism.

NEW RINASCIMENTO is a way of life. A mindset that makes us see beauty in everything. We Italians have learnt it from the great masters from the past, from Michelangelo to Leonardo, from Titian to Raphael.

Therefore, the new campaign shots take their cue from iconic Renaissance works of art – such as the painting Doni Tondo by Michelangelo in the group shot or the fresco The School of Athens by Raphael in the portrait of a boy sitting down writing.

Staying true to a harmony of shapes and colors, the campaign is the last step in LOOK–made in Italia’s rebranding process that started in 2020, and features the entire range of products, from LOOKKINO (premium kids) to LOOK (premium adults) and MATERIKA (high-end adults), all in a single visual approach.

LOOK–made in Italia thus becomes the ambassador of Renaissance beauty, offering authenticity, excellence, values and Italian savoir-faire to the wearers. The pleasure of a unique experience that lies in a gaze, in a caress, in the complicity between the little ones and adults.

Because strong and true values guide our steps towards a brighter future. We can find them in the reassuring cozy feel of the places that are dearest to us, our home, our family. So that we can go beyond and face the world, rather than just watching it from a window. Together.

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