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New edition for Dry Eye Zone at 100% Optical

Convenience in a compress launched at 100% Optical

Positive Impact (PI) launched the latest exclusive addition to its Dry Eye Zone, the TearRestore Thermal Mask at 100% Optical. TearRestore is the first and only open-eye warm compress, enabling patients to be active during their daily compress session.

                 TearRestore compress

The innovative design of the TearRestore Mask utilises anatomical norms during use to target the meibomian glands while avoiding the eye globe. It allows the user to blink throughout treatment, resulting in natural oil gland expression.

TearRestore Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Ken DauSchmidt, said: “We are pleased to be entering the UK market in an exclusive agreement with Positive Impact as part of its Dry Eye Zone. PI is ideally placed to help us expand our international business there. The launch is well-timed, as we have just received the latest outstanding data set from our independent clinical study.”

The recent clinical study on TearRestore was carried out at the University of Colorado over 28-60 days and showed a 90% increase in tear break-up time (TBUT), a 51% reduction in dry eye symptoms using the SPEED (Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness) questionnaire, as well as a 40% increase in functional meibomian glands.

PI Managing Director, Nick Atkins, said: “I’m delighted to be able to bring this great new product to our independent customers. The compliance with the regular use of a warm compress is notoriously poor. I believe that having to stop everything for 10-15 minutes every day is a significant contributory factor, and this is what piqued our interest in bringing TearRestore into the UK.

“Another frequent conversation I have with colleagues is the large number of patients who don’t own a microwave and what can they do while travelling? TearRestore safely resolves these dilemmas, always delivering the correct amount of heat for the right amount of time.”

The TearRestore Starter Kit launched at the London show contains one TearRestore mask and one reusable heat pack. The specifically designed, disk-activated, reusable heat pack supplies 10 minutes of consistent therapeutic heat (> 40 C). Replacement heat packs are available in pairs in a separate TearRestore Replacement Heat Packs package.

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