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Lens Collection: BARBERINI meets Komono Frames

Lens Collection 2022: BARBERINI meets Komono Frame Ranges


KOMONO integrates Barberini lens technology to a limited range of its designs.

Barberini lenses’ collection was designed starting from the quality of the glass and using only the most innovative and performing material: Platinum GlassTM, which is made in Germany.

In aligning with Come As You Are campaign, some images of the Barberini collection were shot in Antwerp on Alain Hens, a Belgian-Senegalese 20th century furniture and modern art dealer. Alain Hens takes pride in focusing on fair materials, hand crafted objects and limited productions, often from smaller ateliers. Rooted in his expertise and experience, he presents a provocative selection of 20th century design and art. As Barberini stands for craftsmanship KOMONO saw the fit between the two as a great match.

Lenses developed for a long-lasting and perfect vision in which colours are brighter and contrasts are sharper. These lenses offer the best protection against UV and reflected light. And last but not least, mineral glass is the most sustainable material you can use for your lenses, 100% recyclable!

KOMONO has selected three magnificent lens colors that pair perfectly with the color and aesthetics of the frames: Rosa, Brown vintage and Green vintage.

Brown Lens
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