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This year, KOMONO had the chance to collaborate with 3 brilliant  master students to create a pair of sunglasses linked to their  graduate collection.  

The outcome is an outspoken, bold and daring collection that  bolsters the fresh and innovative vision of tomorrow’s top designers.

KOMONO strives to provide students with the means to explore  innovative forms, color combinations, and the original treatment of  responsible materials, specifically in the eyewear category. The  students were given complete transparency and accountability  throughout the process, from ideation to finished product.

“We believe that the work and vision of the talented students from  the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp should be at the forefront of  our collaboration. By putting the focus on the student’s work and  giving them a platform to showcase their art, we hope to inspire and  engage our audience while promoting creativity and innovation in  the fashion industry.”

The collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp places  a spotlight on the work and vision of these talented students. By  providing them with a platform to showcase their art, KOMONO  aims to inspire while promoting creativity and innovation in the  fashion industry.

This year, three accomplished international master students have  joined forces with KOMONO to create an exceptional collection.  Drawing inspiration from their graduate collections, these new  styles feature unique designs and innovative combinations that  speak to the vision and creativity of tomorrow’s top designers.

 Victoria Lebrun

Victoria Lebrun explores volume and flatness in her collection, showcasing graphic representations and the interplay between 2D and 3D. Influenced by artists like Ann Truitt and Erwin Wurm, Victoria employs color blocking to create impactful silhouettes and emphasize image manipulation. The eyewear collection, applying her coupe concept, features oversized rectangular shapes reminiscent of the 70s, adding a modern, graphic look to the collection’s storytelling. The sunglasses seem like they’re coming out of a bigger flat rectangle frame as if they were cut out of a magazine page and re-assembled to create the object.

Marcel Sommer

Marcel Sommer’s “Core” collection envisions the evolution of humans into a superhuman species, exploring the idea of brain-chip connections for dominance. It portrays a disrupted world, balancing hardcore and sensitive elements. Inspired by Brutalism and light installations, the sunglasses feature strict lines merging into elegant curves. The harmonious form and color palette create a sculptural aesthetic, representing the futuristic atmosphere of the collection.


Jill Jiayue She

Inspired by surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim, Jill Jiayue She’s collection aims to disrupt societal order by challenging traditional functions and forms. Influenced by female surrealist artists of the 1930s, Jill’s master collection breaks classic men’s clothing silhouettes using inflation and shrinking techniques, presenting a surreal aesthetic. This vision is applied on the frames, merging a classic frame with an inflated form, creating a gently aggressive and surreal design.


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