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Hearing Loss at Work training help available

Hearing Loss at Work

Visualise Training and Consultancy takes a look at the challenges deaf employees and those with hearing loss face in the workplace. We have published under our Clinical Briefing pages a full explnation of the help and training available for those with poor hearing.

“I’m struggling to hear at work” is the title of this

The challenges
Losing your hearing is scary, disconcerting and challenging and having to adapt the way you do things and learn new skills such as lip-reading can be exhausting.

Employment concerns
Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of hearing loss is the uncertainty around employment. It can be hard to tell colleagues about your hearing difficulties which in turn can lead to increased anxiety and stress. You may struggle with the strain of listening and increased concentration needed to understand speech, along with distracting tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, or whooshing in the ears).
You may also be afraid to tell your manager in case they think you can no longer carry out your daily tasks as efficiently as you used to, leading to a fear of unemployment.

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